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Autumn and winter women's warm pantyhose anti-hook high waist plus velvet thick fake flesh through the leggings pants feminine stockings

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Product parameters:

  • Material composition: Polyamide fiber (nylon) 82% Polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 18%
  • Pants long: trousers
  • Sales channel type: pure electricity business (only online sales)
  • Item No .: H-8896
  • Thickness: plus velvet
  • Material: Other
  • Color classification: skin color pure flesh pure black
  • Brand: Connaught
  • Size: XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
  • Listing year season: Fall 2015

'Commodity information':

'Name' three thick thick underwear
'Material' Outer: Nylon 88% Spandex 12% Intermediate: Polyester 95%, Spandex 5% Reagent: Polyester 95% Spandex 5%
'Appearance' pants smooth and smooth, delicate texture smooth, even the inner layer of plush color breathable, no bone stitching needle margins uniform, fine workmanship, wearing warm and comfortable!
'Size' XL (1 foot 8-2 feet) 2XL (2 feet 1-2 feet 3) 3XL (2 feet 3-2 feet 5) 4XL (2 feet 6-2 feet 8)
'Color' fake black
'Net weight' net weight 370g-430g (error ± 20g), Recommended in -5 ℃ above the weather wearing a winter in the winter there is no problem in the winter!
'Quality Assurance':
①, nylon yarn, refused to hook silk, soft (polyester fiber) wearing warm / comfortable / healthy / farewell bloated / body was thin.
②, To ensure genuine, to ensure quality, support no reason to return (Through the wash is not satisfied with the support Oh ), Casually search, casually than to receive any goods are not satisfied with the support of Returns, services to the satisfaction of you --- we honest man, readily do business, absolutely not grinding grumble!
③,Adhere to the quality of the warehouse after the arrival of a check, before shipment and then check to ensure that each pro received the goods are qualified products!