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Trolley Case Strap Trolley Case Strap Tape Strap Strap Tape Strap

Trolley Case Strap Trolley Case Strap Tape Strap Strap Tape Strap
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: SingleLady / Shangguan
  • Item No: DB0136
  • Price tag: 22
  • Color classification: too lazy to choose random hair 8 color 7 color 6 color 5 color 4 color 3 color 2 color 1 color
  • Time to market: 2011

Lengthened Reinforcement widening Cross strap

Color: 8-10 kinds of rainbow colors

Size: about 4.2 meters, widening 5CM, Can play 32-inch big box Oh!

Travel with this luggage belt tied to prevent the scattered objects inside to ensure the safety of luggage items in the journey. Convenience , Is a permanent tool on the road Cross buckle Can be sealed bags can be used Travel, travel, go abroad Luggage tied. high density The printed weave, look fine , Fashion. Travel worry-free, to avoid your bags burst in the transport process.

Cross strap, to the box a layer of reinforcement protection , With it, the box on the way in the shipment no longer have to worry about falling apart, especially large trunk standing.

Rainbow strip packing belt can be more eye-catching! This exquisite packing belt, using high-density webbing, Strong and durable, strong and safe , Lengthened widened body, can be free telescopic length, you can hit 32 inches The box!