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Outdoor Survival metal buckle bracelet / umbrella rope bracelet | bracelet to survive | emergency bracelet / Survival rope / escape rope

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  • Brand: RYDER
  • Item: Survival rope
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 20
  • Color Classification: Steel Buckle Bracelet (color random) with a survival whistle
  • Time to market: Winter 2013

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ALICE: This bracelet is very useful is your outdoor essential goods is a key moment can be completely disassembled my weight load-bearing rope to survive an emergency situation can make a trap to stop bleeding, tying temporary tents, clothing sets of equipment to prevent loss!... etc. function, you can make emergency use!

More color, we will randomly delivery, thank you understand!

Woven with an umbrella rope bracelet to survive in outdoor sports wear very fashionable personality in hand, at the crucial moment can be useful when a single strand can withstand 100 kilograms of gravity for escape, rescue and other times of crisis.

[Name] umbrella rope bracelet instant emergency escape bracelet

[Length] After the preparation portion 18 centimeters apart about 3-3.8 meters

[Material] seven-core umbrella rope (diameter 4mm, single rope force at about 400 pounds)

[Color] black, military green. Khaki black and white and other colors

This product is prepared from high quality nylon cuff links (with rescue whistle) or stainless steel buckle and military regulations seven-core umbrella rope made of sleek, high Is suitable for everyday wear bracelet jewelry, highlight your outdoor player's identity.

Circles steel buckle Survival Bracelet:

Whistle survival bracelet with plastic:

Umbrella rope bracelet weave: