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Apple watch strap 38 apple watch Milan Nice iwatch stainless steel strap 42mm

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: JDHDL / polar nuclear power
  • Model: Miranis strap
  • 42mm golden 'good faith' 包邮 '38mm silver' good luck '38mm black' good luck 'free shipping' 38mm gold ' Shun Feng 包邮 '38mm rose gold' good luck 包邮

'Promotions' special promotions, new quality upgrades

'The biggest selling point'The whole network starting, the official with the paragraph, lugs, strap integrated connection, magnetic adsorption function. Please pay close attention to the need to buy, in small quantities

'instruction manual'This page is the price of a separate strap, not including the dial included; Strap suitable for dial 38mm / 42mm two specifications. If not, please contact customer service.