Long standby Automotive convenient bag bag men and women of GM car emergency mobile traffic jam miniature toilet

Long standby Automotive convenient bag bag men and women of GM car emergency mobile traffic jam miniature toilet

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: SingleLady / official yet
  • Product Number: ND0137
  • Price tag: 25
  • Time to market: 2011

Emergency The bag is a spare car owners travel to share the truth of the health care personnel and motorists traveling relaxed mood. For taxi drivers, official travel by car people, middle-aged drivers, passengers and children, the elderly and other family cars, and more has special significance. also for tourists, urge incontinence in elderly persons and other non-car use of aids urination. this product uses patented technology to produce, can be completely degraded abandoned, safety and environmental protection.

[Name] emergency bag

[Specification] four loaded

【use】1. The long travel, long-distance driving, to help you solve a variety of reasons can not easily upset, more conducive to physical and mental health.
2. Spring Festival, the coachman, surrounded by luggage is not convenient to go away.
3. car motion sickness, vomiting and diarrhea solidification odor absorption.
4. earthquake, disaster urine, feces to avoid secondary infections, health and safety.
5. Help injuries, people with mobility problems caused by diseases like.

【Product Features】

This product is a portable mini portable emergency use toilet comprising a flexible bag body, the outer body of the bag using environmentally friendly water-impermeable PE tensile materials, PE inner liner material environmental harm absorbent cloth coarse grain, surface + lined with a certain thickness and pressing stereotypes play a role in the internal sides and bottom of the bag were two mezzanine, integrated design, internal quilted sandwich respectively, charged with a curing agent to absorb and fungicides. can rapidly absorb urine and becomes a gelatinous substance, to avoid urine spills, no odors.
■ In accordance with ergonomic design, flexible folding urine nozzle, a comprehensive solution to GM, the problem of men and women of all ages.

Four loaded simultaneously with four one-time disposal bag, easy to use after placing the bag, seal up the first time, play clean while preventing odor distribution.