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Car Seat Bag | Car Seat Bag | Multifunctional Storage Bag | Car Accessories

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Stores Type: Storage bag
  • Brand: CARBAINEED / card centuries
  • Model: Backpack
  • Color Category: Black Beige
  • Use: hanging
  • Applicable parts: seat

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Color: beige, gray, black

Material: waterproof fabric, diving material pockets.

Weight: 0.23KG

First, the product features:
This is a cleverly designed hanging bag, which can be used to store various materials such as mobile phone, map, magazine, glass, drink, umbrella, glasses, pen, business card, document, driving license and driver's license. Color generous, do not take up your car space is its greatest feature, the effective admission of the items, so that the car clean and tidy.

Second, the functional uses:
Set the following specifications of different pockets, storage items:
Pocket one: tire pressure table, pen bag;
Pocket II: maps, file bags;
Pocket three: chewing gum, pouch food bags;
Pocket four: snacks pocket;
Pocket five: magazines, books bags;
Pocket six: drinks, kettle bags;
Pocket seven: umbrellas bags.

Third, easy to install:
Mounted using a mocha stick and rope, so easy assembly and disassembly, just the upper part of the product to the seat belt and headrest joints at the junction of a hang one, and then attached to the rope through the lower part of the product of the two holes And tied under the chair can be.

Fourth, for models: suitable for all models.