T-11D / 20 meter outdoor phone waterproof diving 5.5 to 6.3 inch touch screen mobile phone waterproof

T-11D / 20 meter outdoor phone waterproof diving 5.5 to 6.3 inch touch screen mobile phone waterproof

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Color Classification: sky blue orange light green white pink brown transparent black
  • Brand: tteoobl / special than music
  • Item: T-11D
  • made in China
  • Applicable sex: Male and female general
  • Price tag: 125
  • Sports outdoor projects: upstream rafting tourism
  • Time to market: 2014 summer

This model is suitable for 5.8 to 6.3 inch mobile phone. It can be used for swimming, diving, water park, summer beach play, outdoor and so on. It does not affect the phone, music, touch screen. The effect is very practical, outdoor play water essential baby, quality and stability can also be used when the home remote control waterproof cover, usually at home when used to protect the remote control, both inside and outside can be used, very cost-effective. Well, pro

New baby, relatively few sales records, but things are very good,

Product parameters:

Brand : Tteoobl

name : Multifunctional phone waterproof bag

weight : 61G (without packaging)

Effective space : Length 17cm * Width 10cm * Material thickness 0.035cm

model : T-11D

use : For underwater photography of 5 "to 6.3" mobile phone, the whistle call and mirror flash can be used to help the lifeguard in distress.

material : High-quality PVC

Colour : black blue Orange blue White sand through white brown Pink

Origin : Guangzhou, China

Waterproof depth : 20 meters within the security zone.

The following T-019C is a gold partner, outdoor security equipment necessary

Models use renderings to appreciate

Real shot to enjoy, does not affect the use

Recommended reason

At present, many people not only like to climb mountains and wading, in order to allow more people to share their joy in the play, the film camera or camera phone shooting has become an indispensable way, therefore, camera or camera phone The emergence of protective sleeve will be subject to many photographers and travel enthusiasts welcome.
The life jacket of the mobile phone can float on the water if it is not careful.It can be used in seawater because of its new material and special manufacturing treatment, which is immune to the salt damage.The product has anti-ultraviolet function, plastic and rubber parts In hardening, cracking.

product advantages

1, For swimming, rafting and diving and other outdoor activities , After rigorous testing, the maximum depth is 20 meters, but the use, in order to more security, it is recommended in 10Meter Within the water depth , Can dive to answer the phone or take pictures ,And can drift the water can be used for diving enthusiasts, field workers and drifting enthusiasts!

2, The screen and the camera in the bag outside the basic shooting without any difference, 100%Completely sealed. Because completely sealed, so moisture, dust, mud, sand, snow, oil, can not hurt.hand In the protective cover can be directly operated.This product can put an end to digital cameras in the beach and the sea when playing water, into the sand problem .Let you want to shoot, play.

3, Waterproof and dustproof seal design, stable and reliable, by Pvc It can protect your digital camera from wind, frost, rain, snow, dust, spray, hot and humid water. It can protect your digital camera from wind, frost, rain, snow, sand, Steam, sweat and other hazards, you do not have to worry about the splashing section of the mad splash, Hainan typhoon rainstorm, Lushan misty wind around the Shanghai rainy season wet, drifting waves, bathing hot springs swimming pool people slapstick play, desert wonders The environment and the sand and so on tourism and donkey line of good items may be harmful to the phone.

4, To the sauna, rafting, swimming, etc., no longer have to worry about no camera /Mobile phone in the side and worry. Do not have to worry about the phone will be wet rain and distress. Put your camera /Mobile phone installed inside the bag, like you have a protection of the same side, no scruples, no longer because the camera /Mobile phone water and feel bad, that is a waste of all the troubles are gone.

Buyer must read

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payment method

Treasurer highly recommended The use of Alipay, it is not Taobao account name can click on cash on delivery, Guangdong Province, cash on delivery without charges, the provincial fee of 6 yuan each time, you can also bank remittance, remittance account before purchase please contact We choose your most convenient bank based on your nearest route

Because this product is special, in order to be safe, please use other paper towels before loading into the corresponding depth, the corresponding use of water after the test no problem and then put your electronic products into use, otherwise Due to the different weather, different temperatures, different freshwater seawater buoyancy of the different depths of the marked uncertainty of the data factors, the water depth of about 5 hours, Quality issues only return service, the purchase of this product is deemed to have been viewed and accepted all of the Company-related content, including this warning!