Special than music 5s / 6plus / iphone6 ​​/ note2 / 3/4 special Apple Samsung mobile phone waterproof bag of millet

Special than music 5s / 6plus / iphone6 ​​/ note2 / 3/4 special Apple Samsung mobile phone waterproof bag of millet

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Color classification: sky blue, orange trumpet red trumpet trumpet trumpet transparent pale green trumpet yellow trumpet Pink trumpet black trumpet trumpet white purple trumpet tuba tuba pink purple light green tuba tuba big red large numbers of white, sky blue, orange tuba tuba tuba transparent yellow large black
  • Brand: Tteoobl / l special than music
  • Item No: T-9H
  • made in China
  • To apply a gender: unisex
  • Price tag: 158
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Upstream rafting tour
  • Time to market: Spring 2015

New baby special than music 30 meters depth waterproof safety certification, good quality,

Summer is coming, you have to go there ready to play?

Pro, you swim Shihai missed call? Also miss the fun of taking pictures of the water it? Is not happy at the moment, and I want to share with friends via cell phone immediately? Now the opportunity to enrich your life here, this section will give you baby solve all the problems, let your life more fun.

This paragraph special than music phone waterproof T-9H photography sets the size of number two specifications:

Trumpet: iphone6 ​​dedicated 4.7-inch phone waterproof, but also any general mobile phone 4-5 inches or less.

L: 5.5 inch iphone6plus dedicated to mobile phone waterproof bag, mobile phone and also any general from 5.5 to 6.3 inches or less,

SOS distress call is provided with a practical function effectively attract rescue workers, calling the crowd to find companions, the team set out multi-purpose, from professional quality.

Can be used for swimming, diving, water parks, and other summer beach play, outdoor waterproof, does not affect the phone, listen to music, send a message, touch screen, and other operations are not affected, very practical, it is essential for outdoor play in the water baby, stable quality, can also be done using the remote control when the family waterproof jacket, usually to protect the remote control at home using the like, put on after the home after the remote control can be washed regularly to remove bacteria and healthy, both inside and outside can be used, Hua Xiaoqian buy large health pro? What's more cost-effective than this?

Because this particular product, for safety reasons, before use After loading other items like paper towels down to the appropriate depth `appropriate time to test the water no problem and then put your electronic product into use, or consequences resulting from the loss of the water, do not use the time more than five hours, marked a depth of about testing because of different weather, different temperatures, different buoyancy of seawater and freshwater depth data occurs uncertain factors indicated, problems occur only provide return service quality, buy the product is deemed to have reviewed and accepted all the contents of the company, including this warning!