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Tebler 6plus / iphone7 / note3 / 4 mobile phone waterproof bag Chinese apple Samsung millet universal

Tebler 6plus / iphone7 / note3 / 4 mobile phone waterproof bag Chinese apple Samsung millet universal
Product code: 34623300030
Unit price 3.04-4$
Sold quantity 901
Available stock 509

Product parameters:

  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Color classification: sky blue trumpet red trumpet tranquil trumpet transparent trumpet light green trumpet trumpet tranquil trumpet black trumpet purple trumpet whisper white large large pink large red large red large green large White large blue sky large transparent large orange large yellow large black
  • Brand: Tteoobl / l Bobby music
  • Item: T-9H
  • made in China
  • Applicable gender: male and female general
  • Tag price: 158
  • Sports outdoor projects: upstream drift tourism
  • Time to market: spring 2017

Teobi new baby, 30 meters deep safety waterproof certification, good quality,

Summer is there, are you ready to go there to play?

Kiss, you miss the phone when you swim? Also miss the water to take pictures of fun? Is not happy in the moment, but also want to immediately share with friends through mobile phones and now enrich your chance of life, this section baby will be for you Solve all the problems that make you live more fun.

This section Tbilisi T-9H mobile phone waterproof photography sets with size two specifications:

Trumpet: dedicated to 4.7-inch iphone6 ​​mobile phone waterproof bag, but also universal 4 to 5 inches within any cell phone.

Large: dedicated to the 5.5-inch iphone6plus mobile phone waterproof bag, but also general 5.5 to 6.3 inches within any mobile phone,

Set up a practical distress call for help function, effectively attracting rescue workers, the crowd in the call to find companions, teams and other multi-purpose, quality from the professional.

Can be used for swimming, diving, water park, summer beach play, outdoor and other waterproof, does not affect the call, listen to music, send information, touch screen, and other operations do not affect, very practical, Of the baby, the quality is stable, you can also use the home when the remote control waterproof cover, usually at home when used to protect the remote control, etc., after the home remote control can be washed, regular removal of bacteria, health, both inside and outside Can be used, spend a little money, buy a big health, pro-what is more cost-effective than this?

Because the product is special, for safety reasons, before use, please use other paper towels before loading the items into the corresponding depth `, the corresponding use of time to test the water no problem and then put your electronic products into use, otherwise The consequences of the loss of self-confidence, the use of water time should not exceed 5 hours, the marked depth of the test, because the weather is different, the temperature is different from the different buoyancy of freshwater and the marked depth of the uncertainty of data factors, The quality of the problem only to provide return service, the purchase of this product that has been viewed and accepted the company all the relevant content, including this warning!