Lace dress Gangan World Spring Slim was thin long-sleeved dress stitching large size printing long section

Lace dress Gangan World Spring Slim was thin long-sleeved dress stitching large size printing long section

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Contour: H type
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Product Number: G3427
  • Style: Commuter
  • Commuter: Korean
  • Combination forms: single piece
  • Skirt Length: Skirt
  • Style: Other / other
  • Sleeve: long-sleeved
  • Collar: lotus leaf collar
  • Sleeve type:
  • Waist type: waist
  • Clothing placket: zipper
  • Skirt type: Large Pendulum
  • Pattern: Other
  • Popular elements / process: flounced Liangsi printing
  • Brand: GANGAN WORLD / Gangan world
  • Fabric: Other
  • Ingredients: 95%
  • Material: Polyester
  • Age: 35-39 years of age
  • Year season: 2015 Fall
  • color: black
  • Size: M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL

Gangan Recommended

Ganjiahu chief designer Wen Ya Fall 2015 new work return

(Ya heard a baby in the first half due to retire for some time)

Very grateful to work with such excellent designers smell ya partner,

She could read Gan powder were for the United States requirements, design and produce your hearts love.


About Design

Like a flower fairy, quietly came down to see the world

Parents who have been asking for a little longer, a little longer skirt,

We have been in mind, silently as we design appropriate new.

I believe this length, for all of us, just, some of the tall, tall small number, are suitable.

The highlight of the whole dress, is the color, the upper body with the lower body of sober black pure Chinese flavor flowers


About Fabric

Upper Korean imports of high-density thick bright wire, revealing glistening gloss, and cheap bright silk fabrics have obvious differences.

Fixed feed cycle takes 15 days, so as soon as possible under a single parent fancy Oh, out of the sale have to wait, you know!

Pants are also imported from Korea composite lace, flowers, bright but not strong, everything is just right.

Small details at the neckline, noticed Palace Ting Leisi lace, a gorgeous dress Oh.

Pro, Yiyi elastic, dimensions are normal size, according to Gan Gan is recommended that you normally choose.
M --- 95 --- pro recommendation about 105 pounds
L --- 105 --- pro recommendation about 115 pounds
XL --- 115 --- 125 pounds pro recommendation about
2XL --- recommend pro 125--135 pounds or so
3XL --- recommend pro 135--150 pounds or so
4XL --- recommend pro 145--160 pounds or so
Gangan above recommendations based on years of experience given the specific needs of your body proportions and according to their personal preferences may be loose, so Gangan not responsible for size are not allowed to exchange freight Oh.

Size (cm) bust Waistline Shoulder Length Sleeve Length Hips
M (160 / 84A) 82 72 37 102 53 -
L (165 / 88A) 86 76 38 103 54 -
XL (170 / 92A) 90 80 39 104 55 -
2XL (175 / 96A) 94 84 40 105 56 -
3XL (180 / 100A) 98 88 41 106 57 -
4XL (185 / 104A) 102 92 42 107 58 -