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Apple watch band metal strap | iwatch strap stainless steel

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: NKT
  • Model: Milan hook button version
  • Spot '38MM hook version of the Milani Nice strap' standard 'spot 42MM hook version of the Milanian strap' standard 'spot 38MM hook version of Milan Nice strap' fine lines 'spot 42MM hook version Milano Nice strap' Fine lines'

Suitable for 150-200 mm wrist strap around

'Hook buckle money Milan Nice' spot

The strap is inspired by Milan from the end of the 19th century and is presented in a modern style. The silky stainless steel mesh is knitted with Italian professional equipment and can be gently wound around the wrist.Because the whole body is magnetic, the Milanian strap Can be infinitely adjusted to ensure that when the perfect service to wear on your wrist.