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Cotton yarn cotton yarn cotton cotton milk baby cotton baby cotton cotton cotton yarn 5 two / Mission

Cotton yarn cotton yarn cotton cotton milk baby cotton baby cotton cotton cotton yarn 5 two / Mission
Product code: 3451100030
Unit price 2.23-2.88$
Sold quantity 16999
Available stock 2102

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Brand: Gold partner
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Wool material: cotton thread
  • Item No .: JPDD48BBCMS831
  • Color classification: 64 ice cream color 73 new apricot powder 62 shallow sea blue 58 new sea blue 54 violet 53 new baby yellow 70 lotus root pink 56 chicken yellow 60 bright golden 01 purple rose red 66 snowflakes 52 peach pink 69 rose red 57 red Taro powder 65 pink 72 emerald blue 61 new autumn green 71 jade blue 55 new lake blue 68 new baby blue 51 new pearl white 59 new baby green goods details from 74 to No. 92 color, select this photographed after the customer service specific Color number and quantity
  • Unit: yuan / group
  • Wool thickness: hand-made

About cotton
Cotton Good for the skin , Especially the newborn baby and children, but many people feel that cotton feels hard, it is not familiar with the feeling of cotton pro only.
Pure cotton weave out a bit hard especially after washing, but after use
Will become more and more soft That is More through the soft Impure cotton feels soft but the skin irritation is pro who can not see, if you care about the baby's skin, please carefully choose, The skin does not matter that pure impure does not matter as long as the soft is right!
There is no label is the same
Thickness is not thick nor fine

No. 13 knitting,
Crochet 1.5-2.0 can be

The price is a lot of the price
A group of 5 two Oh! No. 13 needle can be woven
50 after the color of the price of 18 yuan pro in accordance with the option to shoot

Color and more choice,
Pure cotton yarn baby good friend.

7 shares of pure cotton yarn
18 yuan a group of the price of the line more thin and more comfortable. Woven when the weaving of the loose handle soft about Oh. Also only the first color is 4 shares of 13.9 yuan.
Detect persuasion
Cotton is cotton,
Do not say anything
Pure cotton assured it
It is not as good as a report

Right gift, single single section:

Full of 2 groups to send a sample, over 4 groups to send 2 samples, 6 groups to send 3 like, and so on.
Default random delivery!

Baby information
Gold partner cotton
Gold partner

specification: Multi-stranded, No. 13 knitting

Another strand will inevitably have a little bit of thickness difference, we will do everything we can to avoid production!

package: A line of half a catty (about 250 grams)

Gifts: Full 2 ​​group that gift 1 gift!
Default to ring pin (default to 12 or 13)
Only No. 1 color for the 4 shares 13.9 yuan
50 are the future price of 18 yuan are 7 shares of color. Line off the line to synchronize sales, so with no label is the same.

Thickness: 4 shares and 7 shares But the thickness of a single line is not the same, the whole difference is so big can be used No. 13 knitting. Crochet can be used between 1.5-2.0 line.
Material: pure cotton
Dear weaving up to people! Wired is batches of oh
Different batches of the same color will be the color of the Oh!
Color pick
❤ twisted line common questions answer:
Q: different batches of the problem?
A: In general, the cylinder number will not make up the color difference, and many cases are too fast shipping with the same cylinder number, then there will be color.

Q: whether the line can be promptly reminded?
A: I am sorry not, we do not know the pro is complementary or another woven, pro if the line must be told in advance customer service Oh!