Sale of 100% cotton cotton yarn cotton cord special baby cotton baby cotton cotton 38 cotton wool

Sale of 100% cotton cotton yarn cotton cord special baby cotton baby cotton cotton 38 cotton wool

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Brand: Gold partner
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Wool material: cotton
  • Product Number: JPDD48BBCMS831
  • Color Classification: 55 57 Aqua bright light purple pink Rose 01 sale, all orders are expected July 25, 2016 shipped 54 yellow baby chick 65 52 golden yellow 56 light blue fluorescent peach Rose 53 60 m 03 points. 51 Aberdeen grass green light blue opal 07 06 63 brown khaki light pink ocean taro 64 59 Scholar green Bordeaux 68 09 10 rose pink cowboy green 66 green 58 new baby baskets deep-blue No. 67 No. 72 to No. 89 after a shoot-election this customer specific message to tell the color number and quantity
  • Pricing Unit: yuan / group
  • Wool weight: Hand-knitted

Soft cotton, environmental health!
Price is the price of 1 group.
A group of five two oh!
The error is only 2-3 grams, composed of multi-strand yarn
50 subsequent color image in accordance with the option price of 18.6 pro shot

Four shares left as reference ---
(1-10 in the top left image is not written 7 shares 4 shares). After all the wires, whether woven or feel the coils in different colors and feel there are differences between the group wound coil cord size and also has relationship.

Color between the color number number number 50-90
Single finer yarn, around 7 default shares,
Price of 18.6 yuan a mass (250 g)
Although there are cotton, but the price of 18.6 lines more delicate and more comfortable, because our family is really 100% cotton. When the woven fabric of loose soft feel around the contrary, the harder

Choose gifts
More gifts, merchandise over a single paragraph 3 to send a sample group, at least six groups to send samples 2, 3 like to send a full nine groups, and so on. The first default Like send an annular needle.
Baby Information
Gold partner cotton
Brand: Gold partner 100% cotton
specification: Stranded
Also 7-ply synthetic inevitably there will be more a case of a few, we will do our best to let production to avoid!
Origin: China
package: A mass of 250 grams.
7 Shares will be made colors slightly higher price!
Ages: Special baby, soft and comfortable!
Premiums: The same color at least three groups which presented a kind gifts!
Default to the ring pin (default to around 12 or 13.)

Thickness is moderate, price 13
model: About 30 wires (stranded)
Weaving: The same can be fine crochet or weave together multiple strands
Since the lines are very soft and no interior center of a ball of string, weave in the end there may need to sort out what. Try to choose a line starting from the periphery of the head organizations.
note: Color image top left of the shares were 7
Dosage: 0-1 year-old baby about three groups can be woven 2 sets.
Some parents to newborn baby knit group 1 set

Materials: 100% cotton

Price 18.6 finer color
Weight: About 40 wires
Color number 50 after the shares were 7

Weaving: Available fine crochet or weave together multiple strands
When knitting pro who started out knitting head.

No. 1 to No. 7 has been color are $ 13 4 Unit
After all 50 colors 18.6 yuan are 7 stocks.
Origin: China
washing: Warm to

Dear knitting up to the people! There are lots of wool oh
Different batches of the same color will exist color Oh!
Customer Sai map:
① Ms. Miao Beijing
② Hangzhou Li Jie
③ Shenzhen Chen beauty
Cotton soft and comfortable closer to the skin!
100% cotton that is good for all ages, regardless of style weave Heart in hand!

Decorative patterns can let the baby warmer clothes cute!
Cotton yarn composed of seven shares

Color selection area
01 Purple Rose
03 grass green
06 brown khaki
07 bright blue Aberdeen
09 Claret
Pink Rose 10
Color 18.6 yuan / group as follows
51 cream
52 golden
53 Peach Rose
54 yellow baby
55 bright Shuilv
56 fluorescent light blue
58 Fruit Basket
57 light pink
60 m point
59 Scholar Green
61 taro powder
63 light vanilla
64 ocean pink
65 yellow chick
66 new baby green
68 Cowboys Green
67 deep blue
72 light Oufen
71 Highland Light
74 bright orange
75 Turquoise
78 blue and green
81 Orange Yellow
89 Camel
83 light gray
There are other
100% cotton, cotton buy cotton line to buy do.
Be sure to look before you buy
Q: The weight of the price?
A group of about 5 line two (ie, 250 grams) or so, which is a half a catty group.
The two sub-paragraph line price, 13 yuan is the synthesis of four lines (ie 1 to 11 colors). 18.6 yuan are seven synthetic line (that is, after 50 colors). Although different prices but all cotton, 100% cotton, and the two little difference overall thickness and weight are also a group of half a catty. price is the price of a group course with 18.6 cotton thread cotton better .
Q: Joinery Weaving?
You can use the 13-pin or ring straight needle knitting, two kinds of lines are the price.
Moreover, some pro would still do not understand, you only need to know that (the number of color only one composition does not also have 4 and 7, that only seven of the seven, only four of four a).
Different colors or the same color line thickness feel the softness of different batches is different remember.

Q: What amount?
0-1 years old baby buy 2 sets of 3 groups can be woven,
Ms. adult general body jacket probably buy 3 groups.
Q: How many colors, how to choose the color?
Since Taobao only 24 grid options, and we fit so much color, text options, there is an option for a long parents who read it will be shot, following a number of colors are in stock can be bought, read on. (Remember that the color of our numbered is there, do not you want to ask a color, it would not have) to a plurality of color pro can use the shopping cart to shoot oh.
Q: line up the issue?
Any wool fill lines are very troublesome and helpless, because staining batch batch, each batch is not the same, which is why there is wool cylinder numbers, our number of yarn on a cylinder, sell after a group, there is no so not going to indicate the cylinder number, pro buy buy as many lines must ask the customer service line up before there is no change batches, replaced batch will be different, as long as the different batches up no way to make up the line.
❤ up the line to answer the common question:
Q: line up different batches of problem?
A: Under normal circumstances there will be no resolution to the cylinder fill color, and in many cases are not shipped with a fast cylinder numbers then there will be color.

Q: Can a timely reminder to line up?
A: I'm sorry we can not, we do not know is the complement of line or another parent organizations, pro-up line must be told in advance if customer service Oh!