Cotton yarn cotton yarn cotton cotton milk baby cotton baby cotton cotton cotton yarn 5 two / Mission

Cotton yarn cotton yarn cotton cotton milk baby cotton baby cotton cotton cotton yarn 5 two / Mission

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Brand: Gold partner
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Wool Material: Cotton thread
  • Item: JPDD48BBCMS831
  • Color Classification: 64 grape purple 71 apricot 70 sky blue 73 sea blue 54 violet 68 new baby yellow 62 baby yellow new 52 new chicken yellow 60 snow blue purple purple pink 66 snowflake powder 53 peach pink 69 skin red 57 red 63 sun powder 65 Pink 72 baby powder 59 new Qiuxiang green 58 fresh water green 55 new lake blue 56 water blue 51 pearl white 61 baby green Product Details from 74 to 93 colors, select this photographed after the customer service specific color number and quantity
  • Pricing unit: yuan / group
  • Wool thickness: hand

There is no label that is the same
Thickness is not thick nor fine

13 knitting,
Crochet 1.5-2.0 can be

Price is the price of a group. Colors look down a lot
A group of 5 two Oh! No. 13 needle can be woven
50 back color of the price of 18 yuan in accordance with the option to shoot

Color and more choices,
Cotton yarn baby's good friend.

7 shares of fine cotton yarn
18 yuan a group of the price of the line is finer and more comfortable when weaving the weaving of the loose feel about soft Oh, only 1 color is 4 shares of 13.9 yuan.

Right gifts, single single:

At least 2 groups to send a like, at least 4 to send two samples, at least 6 to send three samples, and so on.
Default to send random!

Baby information
Gold medal partner cotton
Gold partner

specification: Multi-strand, No. 13 knitting

Another strand will inevitably have a little difference in thickness, we will do everything we can to avoid production!

package: A line of half a catty (about 250 grams)

Gifts: At least 2 groups that give a gift!
Default to the needle (default to 12 or 13)
Only 1 color for the four shares of 13.9 yuan
50 are the subsequent price of 18 yuan are 7 shares of color. Line synchronization on-line sales, so with the same label is not.

Thickness: 4 shares and 7 shares Only a single line thickness is not the same, the overall difference is not so you can use 13 knitting. Crochet can be used between 1.5-2.0.
Material: pure cotton
Dear knitting up to people! Wool is a batch of Oh
Different batches of the same color will be the color of the Oh!
Color selection
❤ fill line common problems answer:
Q: different batches of fill line?
A: In general, the cylinder number to fill there will be no color, and many cases are shipped too fast not the same cylinder number, then there will be color.

Q: Does the line make timely reminder?
A: I'm sorry we can not, we do not know the pro-line or another weaving, pro-line if the customer must be in advance to tell Oh!