Home service men and women flannel animal Siamese pajamas cartoon little yellow people in autumn and winter lovers parents installed the toilet Edition

Home service men and women flannel animal Siamese pajamas cartoon little yellow people in autumn and winter lovers parents installed the toilet Edition

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2015
  • Applicable scene: Pajamas
  • Applicable: Youth
  • Lining Material: polyacrylonitrile fiber (acrylic) 100%
  • Fabric Material: 100% new polyester fiber
  • Brand: Dream Shu Fun
  • Style: 0177
  • Color Classification: A small yellow people
  • Size: send shoes S (150 ~ 160) to send shoes M (161 ~ 170) to send shoes L (171 ~ 180) to send shoes XL (181 ~ 190) S (150 ~ 160) M (161 ~ 170) L (171 ~ 180) XL (181 ~ 190)
  • Number of items: Coverall
  • Fabric: Flannel
  • Fabric material: Polyester fibers (polyester)
  • Ingredients: 95%
  • Main fabric weight: 320g
  • Thickness: thick
  • Pattern: Cartoon animation
  • Clothing style details: Printing
  • Collar: Hooded
  • Clothing placket: double-breasted
  • Sleeve: long-sleeved
  • Length: trousers
  • Season: Winter
  • Applicable gender: Couples
  • Tracksuit style: cartoon

= = = = Product information
Product Name: Small yellow tracksuit people piece toilet Edition
Materials: Flannel (100% polyester)
size: S, M, L, XL
Colour: Yellow + Blue
Remarks: Waist on both sides have no other place to pocket a pocket
Version indicators:

Loose Fit Slim Tight
Thickness index:
thin Thin medium Partial thickness thick
Elastic index:
No bombs Micro-bomb Shot High elasticity Superelastic
Soft indicators:
soft Soft Soft More rigid hard
Version indicators:
Short paragraph Short paragraph Moderate In the long section Long section

Table Size: manual measurement error is inevitable because the pro shop ideally controlled within 3 cm is normal error

full length
Long pants
S 130 110 47 57 110
M 140 120 50 65 120
L 150 130 53 66 130
XL 160 136 55 76 136
Size Recommend Both men and women wear S152-158 height, M159-168 height, L169-178 height, XL179 ~ 188 Height

1, height and weight and size is no absolute relationship, 155CM plump and the 168CM lanky girls may wear the same size.
2 key factors, bust affecting choice of shirt size, suggest that you can refer to our bust size is generally less than 4 cm can be marked
3, if you still can not easily select, please inform the customer specific case, our customer service staff will give you a reasonable proposal.

Measurement schematic

Baby stock
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Product Size
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