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Bei An appropriate disposable underwear | Travel female models cotton sterile sport tourism travel essential | and another man money

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Brand: Briars / Bei An appropriate
  • Product Number: BASYY8004
  • Price tag: 28
  • Color Classification: White cotton
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Tourism
  • Size: S small yards students loaded (1.8 feet or less) M (waist circumference 1.8-2.1 feet) L (waist circumference 2.0-2.2 feet) XL (waist circumference 2.4-2.7 feet) XXL (waist circumference 2.7-3.0 feet)
  • Suitable for: Adult

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Usage: Sterile unpacking directly without cleaning!

Owner Message: The personal underwear feel most suitable for summer use, comfort is very good, not hot air permeability, wearing the same feeling, hee hee in addition to disposable pity, our family of employees are repeated wash cycles! use Oh! how many times have no problem!

Name: Ms. disposable sterile cotton underwear models
Specifications: 4 installed (school uniforms, M, L, XL, XXL code)

Material: Cotton
Weight: 65 to 100 grams
Color: Solid color


Disposable underwear suitable for travel, tourism, sports training, single life, camping, SPA spa, hospital care, military, water washed at the unconditional can be used, you can use out of the box Oh!

【product description】

1, to carry: often too late to wash clothes when traveling, carry a few packs of disposable cotton underwear, you can always keep clean and fresh body, it is important that the business trip is limited inn, bed and other environmental, health products and we need to protect our health. the product is a crash into the operating room to open does not need to wash, direct wear! because the crash is sterile Kazakhstan. abroad only one oh! look for it ~!

2. Texture:!! 100% pure cotton texture, not the kind of flexibility that is not cotton oh ha ~ super-absorbent breathable capacity to ensure a comfortable ~!

3, belt, pants: the market is not an ordinary five-rib waistband, three bars pants, but wide belts, belt France imported raw materials, greater comfort, there will be no feeling of falling, falling.

4, sterile: 12 hours ethylene oxide sterilization, bacterial index is zero, and hospital clean needles required standard consistent, convenient and practical ~.!

5, Packing: each is a single individually wrapped, more hygienic - triple isolation, barrier layers of bacteria!!

After 12 hours the product ethylene oxide sterilization, bacterial index is zero, production workshop to 300,000 operating room evolution production line workshop, clean, soft, comfortable, lightweight, breathable, economical and practical, is the best choice for modern life.
[Executive standard] Please look for our disposable sterile cotton underwear, wide belts, after a comfortable full cotton, individually wrapped, 12 hours of ethylene oxide sterilization, bacterial index of 0, which is worn inside the pro , it can not be sloppy. (the production line is what we do with operating rooms, 300,000 purification plant, the country's first product).

For comparison with similar products, be sure to look at approval, carefully optimistic Oh ~ difference:

Health standards: "disposable medical supplies health standards" (a sterile operating room Products)

Class B direct contact with the skin products

The theater's first production line at home and abroad to produce a sterile product oh!