Oaks conditioning fan NFS-20 | well-being of dual-use | remote chiller | chiller air conditioning fan | cooling fan

Oaks conditioning fan NFS-20 | well-being of dual-use | remote chiller | chiller air conditioning fan | cooling fan

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: AUX / Oaks NFS-20
  • Brand: AUX / Oaks
  • Model: NFS-20
  • Energy efficiency rating: two
  • Color Category: light brown + gray Chinese red
  • Air-conditioning fan types: warm and cold type
  • Water tank capacity: 5L (including) -7L (inclusive)
  • Control: PC-style
  • Air type: Natural wind sleep wind standard wind
  • How it works: anion other
  • Air-conditioning fan timer function: 7.5 hours or more
  • Whether support water power protection:
  • Stalls: 3 files

Vertical outlet design Air volume!!

Maijiu year 'To repair and updating 'Lynx service!
Summer cooling and winter heating + + + humidifying air cleaning filter + fan of a machine, no idle throughout the year! 1 year warranty, express our commitment damaged 7 days Package returned, freight we bear!

1, intelligent remote control, Timing up to 12 hours [Note: Most of the air-conditioning fan only 7.5 hours]

2, There is a strong outlet Automatic pendulum page, wide-angle air

3, LED LCD screen, Hot air , Cold, Anion [General anion air conditioning fan is without function keys]

4, speed COOL green ice curtain, healthy fresh air

5, casters, easy to move

6, power 75W cold, cold Continuously for 13 hours only 1 kWh of electricity Oh! The super-power

7, there is air purification function allows you to breathe more fresh and healthy air!

Use air-conditioning fan steps:

A: Heating, directly on the power switch, turn on low heat or fever, as well as the anion.

II: refrigeration, the first to the inside of the tank with water, and then the ice good ice in the water tank, press the power button refrigeration, water tank water will wet ice curtain up and down through the pump spray cycle

common problem:

1. Q: How long you can use a few pieces of ice distribution??

A: pro, a total distribution of two ice Oh, ice crystals is recycled, the entire ice good ice box into the water tank, , (Tips: If you feel not enough ice pro, you can add ice or ice water directly in the tank, you can take a water bottle after a good frost, ice crystals in the water tank when using)

2. Q: Control Panel so versatile, so should I do?

A: pro, first press the power button on wind speed corresponding to high, medium and low grades, wind class has normal wind, natural wind, sleeping wind three options regarding the timing up to 12 hours, usually air-conditioning fan only 7.5 hours Oh, then press the button placed on page will automatically around his head, the upper and lower blade can be manually operated by pressing button refrigeration, water pump will start pumping up and down spray wet ice curtain

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