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Oaks air conditioning fan NFS-20 | dual-use | remote control cooler | refrigerator air conditioning fan |

Oaks air conditioning fan NFS-20 | dual-use | remote control cooler | refrigerator air conditioning fan |
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: AUX / OXIS NFS-20
  • Brand: AUX / Oaks
  • Model: NFS-20
  • Energy efficiency rating: two
  • Color classification: Chinese red light brown + gray
  • Air conditioning fan type: well-being type
  • Water tank capacity: 5L (including) -7L (included)
  • Control: computer
  • Air supply type: natural wind sleep wind standard wind
  • How it works: Anion other
  • Air conditioning fan timing function: 7.5 hours or more
  • Whether to support water and electricity protection: Yes
  • Stalls: 3 files

Vertical outlet design Large amount of wind!

Buy to send 1 year 'To replace repair 'Lynx service!
Summer cooling + winter heating + purification filter air + humidifier + a fan of the machine, the whole year without idle! Warranty 1 year, we promise express broken 7 days Package returned, freight we assume !!!

1, intelligent remote control, Up to 12 hours timing 'Note: most of the air-conditioning fan only 7.5 hours'

2, There is a strong outlet , Automatic pendulum, wide angle air supply

3, a LED LCD screen, Hot air , Cold, Negative ion function 'General air conditioning fan is not an anion function button'

4, a speed COOL green ice curtain, healthy and fresh air

5, universal casters, easy to move

6, cold 75W power, cold air 13 hours of continuous work only about 1 kWh Oh! Super power saving

7, a clean air function. Let you breathe more healthy and fresh air!

The use of air-conditioning fan steps:

A: heating, direct power switch, open the low heat or high fever, as well as anion function.

2: Refrigeration, the first to the water inside the tank, and then put a good ice ice into the water tank, start pressing the cooling button, the water tank will be up and down through the water pump spray wet curtain

common problem:

1. Q: How many pieces of ice crystal can I use?

A: pro, a total of two ice crystal distribution, ice is recycled, the ice into the water tank a good ice box, , (Tips: If you feel the ice is not enough pro, can be directly in the tank with ice or ice water, you can take a good bottle of mineral water, frozen, into the tank when the ice crystal)

2. Q: So much control panel, I should do so?

A: pro, first press the power button, on the wind speed corresponds to the high, medium and low third gear, the wind class has normal wind, natural wind, sleep wind three optional, on the timing up to 12 hours, the general air conditioning fan Only 7.5 hours Oh, press the pendulum page button, will automatically shaking his head about the upper and lower leaves can be manually operated, press the refrigeration button, the pump will begin pumping, up and down spray wet curtain

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