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D'Ai 赛 poetry bed cotton single piece of cotton Simmons mattress cover 1.8m bed sets of sheets 1.5m bedspreads

D'Ai 赛 poetry bed cotton single piece of cotton Simmons mattress cover 1.8m bed sets of sheets 1.5m bedspreads
Product code: 34292100030
Unit price 5.29-7.37$
Sold quantity 349897
Available stock 169503

Product parameters:

  • Material: Cotton
  • Patterns: plant flowers
  • Item: DESS12868
  • Color classification: love sail sail flying youth leisure time lilac flowers holiday mood fantasy trip Jiangnan flower rattan full house two world Loka town wonderful afternoon ocean baby fashion about the flow of the flow of ladies house dream paradise fairy tale kingdom Shangri-La autumn real spring Manna Mosaic Memories
  • Bed sheet / bed size: 100x200cm 120x200cm 135x200cm 150x200cm 180x200cm 150x190cm 180x200x15 thin pad 150x200x15 thin pad
  • Brand: Deesse / Divine poem
  • Product level: qualified products
  • Product bar code: 0000000000000

It is recommended that you spend 2 minutes to read:

Is it in stock?

A: can have to shoot the spot, the general order before 4 pm issued the same day.

2. What is the quality of this section? Is it cotton? Will it fade? Will it lose hair?

A: Our commitment any Quality issues bear the return shipping refund! This section is pure cotton fabric, do not fade, not hair loss. Pure cotton fabric health pro-muscle, not allergies, do not stimulate the skin.

3. What is the delivery?

answer: OUR cooperation express Huitong, rhyme, excellent speed, full closure, fast, postal packet, according to the region to choose fast The shipment does not accept the designated courier Please understand that the emergency can be filled Courier courier courier! Other express temporarily unable to arrange!

4. What size is appropriate?

answer: Corresponding mattress length and width of the size of the photographed E.g : 1.5 * 2.0 m bed shot 150 * 200cm can be.Mark * 15'Refers to the bed side of the height of 15cm, height of 8cm within the thin brown pad use, 'Not marked 'Refers to the side of the bed height to do 30cm, height of 23cm within the mattress can be universal!

5: Is there a pillowcase?

Bed lin is a single product without pillowcases, need pillow sets of pro can contact customer service to shoot!

6: Can you make it?

A: If the spot size is not appropriate, we support custom other sizes, please bring the mattress size contact customer service.

Note: bedding for cleaning supplies, once the water will not be returned!