D'Ai 赛 poetry bed cotton single piece of cotton Simmons mattress cover 1.8m bed sets of sheets 1.5m bedspreads

D'Ai 赛 poetry bed cotton single piece of cotton Simmons mattress cover 1.8m bed sets of sheets 1.5m bedspreads

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material: cotton
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Product No: DESS12868
  • Color classification: love sail sail flying youth leisure time clove blossom holiday feeling fantasy trip Jiangnan flower vine full of romance two people world Luoka town wonderful afternoon ocean baby fashion about water fleeting dream house paradise paradise kingdom Shangri-La Qiushi Chunhua Mommy Midsummer Blues Memory Conventions
  • Bed Sheet / Bed Linen Size: 100x200cm 120x200cm 135x200cm 150x200cm 180x200cm 150x190cm 180x200x15cm 150x200cmx15cm
  • Brand: Deesse
  • Product grade: qualified products
  • Product bar code: 0000000000000

It is recommended that you take 2 minutes to read:

1. Is there stock?

A: can shoot the spot, the general order before 4 pm the same day issued.

2. This section of the quality of how? Is cotton? Fade it? Will hair loss it?

A: Our commitment any Quality issues bear return shipping refund! This section is cotton fabric, do not fade, not lint. Cotton fabric health pro-muscle, not allergic, does not stimulate the skin.

3. What courier?

answer: OUR cooperation Express Huitong, rhyme, excellent speed, full closure, fast, postal packet, will be selected according to regional fast Shipment does not accept the specified courier Please understand, urgent can fill The difference between sending SF Express! Other courier temporarily unable to arrange!

4. What size is appropriate?

answer: Corresponding to the length and width of the mattress photographed E.g : 1.5 * 2.0 meters of the bed can be 150 * 200cm.* 15Is the height of the bed Li do 15cm, 10cm height within the thin palm mat use,Not marked 'Refers to the height of the bed Li do 30cm, height 25cm within the mattress can be universal!

5: Is there a pillowcase?

Bed linen is a single product without pillowcases, you can contact the pillow pro-customer service another shot !:

6: Can be customized?

A: If the spot size is not appropriate, we support custom-made other sizes, please contact with mattress size customer service.

Note: Bed goods for cleaning supplies, once the water will not be returned!