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Linktop bonbon bear children locate Smart Watch bracelet old student child gps tracker Anti-lost track

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Linktop
  • Model: bonbon Bears
  • Color classification: cute pink fluorescent green sky blue black
  • Battery Capacity: 320mAh
  • Case material: Plastic
  • Strap Material: Silicone
  • Shape of the dial: Square
  • Compatible Platform: ANDROID iOS
  • Features: intelligent alerts
  • Wireless distance: 10m and above

Bonbon bear children watch Manual Positioning

Bonbon bear children watch Features Location

1Zero tariff:No extra phone cards do not card, you do not need to spend money, our cloud platform free for life. Our positioning service free, free flow of charge-free SMS charges. Other similar products count charges $ 20 per month, to help bear bonbon You save 240 yuan a year, two years is 480 yuan Oh!

2. Precise positioning:Positioning using GPS + WIFI + base + inertial navigation of multiple technologies, multiple hybrid positioning mode, so that the domestic indoor and outdoor high-precision positioning of the product, allowing you informed of new developments in the case of children, with the confidence and really comfortable!

3Long Standby:Bonbon Bears ink screen and ultra-low power chip technology, a single charge, standby up to 5 days, not only eliminates the need for frequent recharging trouble, and no longer worry about because of special circumstances or special environment can not always be charging, the guardian of children more at ease .

4Two-way interaction:Active baby can watch recordings sent to parents, parents Mobile Terminated voice; Parental end of the phone can send text messages to the baby, the baby watch receives graphic messages.

5Remote monitoring:Parents listen through APP remote children surrounding ambient sound, keep abreast of the situation and the child's safety, watches silently.

6A key SOS for help:Baby long press the record button to watch SOS alarm for help, parents can keep abreast of the child's location and circumstances, to prevent accidents! Safety is priceless!

7Security Zone:Parents can Set up Security zone, children out of the security zone, the parents will receive a reminder phone side, let your baby grow up safe.

8. Love Rewards:For example, parents love set 10 as the goal, accomplish one thing every child, parents reward a loving, parents and children watch will end synchronous display, up to 10 children after the parents agreed to a request, both meaning an increase in parents and feelings of children.

9The motion pedometer:Child-specific exercise recording feature that allows parents to keep abreast of physical activity and active child, let your baby grow up healthy!

10Food-grade silicone bracelet:Watch strap with food grade silicone manufacturing, wear safety, comfort, and effectively prevent naughty children by wearing the grasping, biting, licking, chewing watches bring material harm, protect the children safe, more intimate (Note: The watch contains small parts even the strap part by the safe non-toxic food grade silicone material manufacturing, also remind parents not to let children swallow, bite watches, to avoid danger.)

11.Life waterproof:Watch the whole seal, waterproof microphone positions install foil, intimate life waterproof design, no longer worried about naughty baby equipment damage due to hand-washing and other daily splashing water or rain when wearing caused.(Swimming and bathing was not allowed to wear oh~)!

12.Daytime screen has been displayed, at any time at the time, no sound, does not affect the class!

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