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  • Brand: 1000 Connaught
  • Accessories Type: loose beads
  • (Random delivery) a package of pendant (random delivery) a pack of rings (a random package)
  • Material: alloy / silver / gold-plated
  • Condition: New
  • The price range: 10-19.99 yuan
  • New strange: freshly baked
  • Item No: ZDF888S

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Peas said: 19.8 yuan a pack, a pack of which as shown in the figure, the weight of about 50 grams a pack! Is worth a person I want to understand at a glance can see that this is to facilitate the players to give full play to their own DIY gene enrichment of a small Tibetan wallet, the number of super-multi!

In the end this is so cattle?

A lot of the United States simply do not know what to do with this? That only shows you some low level of DIY, for a small number of US home this is the place where DIY wings ...

Can be used with: King Kong Bodhi, Xingyue Bodhi, garnet, turquoise, agate, Fengyan Bodhi, Longan Bodhi child, can be used with a variety of beads beads bracelet Oh!