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Army green alloy American man compass | Compass | Lens compass

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  • Brand: jump
  • Item: jyhj
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 15
  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Portable: handheld
  • Display: pointer type

'Specification' 7.6cm * 5.7cm * 2.6cm (folded); 16.6cm * 5.7cm * 1.9cm (unfolded)

'Material' military acrylic shell, damping dial, ABS disk, copper and so on

'Description' This product is light and portable to carry light is to travel, camping adventure, travel use, suitable for satellite positioning A small compass is a navigation light.

● American compass features: North, orientation, location, ranging, slope (pitch angle), measuring azimuth, surveying and mapping Feet, magnifying glass, etc.
● Damping dial: is conducive to the stability of the pointer, more suitable for sports, rugged environment (when pointing slowly, and
● dial: accurate scale, clear, inner ring for the 360-degree azimuth division, the outer ring 64-00 dense system partition, table
Plate with a magnifying glass, can be more clearly see the scale;
● 1: 25000 m coordinate scale: easy to measure the distance between two points on the map, but also geometric methods on the map of the effective operation
● Arrow means N pole (North Pole): It is the method of labeling most compass.

OUR all goods are taken in kind, pictures and in-kind may be errors, please understand the buyer.

1. In the horizontal state to use, in order to ensure as accurate as possible;
2. In order to avoid disorder of magnetic needle, please use with barbed wire, and contain magnetic objects to maintain a certain distance;
3. Do not use the mapping ruler beat objects, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy;
4. Disk and lens to keep bright and clean, do not use dirty cloth, hand to wipe

5. When not in use should be closed, placed not near the ferromagnetic material, so as not to loss of magnetic.