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Automatic music bell school cram school classes on the factory unit bell 220V bell-ring equipment

Automatic music bell school cram school classes on the factory unit bell 220V bell-ring equipment
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: JIN CLOUDCN
  • Model: JY-390X

Suitable for 2000 square feet or so use

Simple function description:

Set a few music ringing, according to their own needs

1. School use: free to set the automatic play morning exercises + eye exercises + bell + bell + bell + bells + bells + bells + school bells, etc.

2. Kindergarten use: free to set the automatic play to do gymnastics music + bell + school bell + bell + bell + bells, school bells, etc.

3. Factory office use: can be set free to automatically set the bell to work + off + lunch break lunch background music,
4. Production workshop use: free to set up to 80 time periods of automatic special voice broadcast, voice reminders, and so on

Brief Introduction to Bell

First, function and use

This product can be used as factory, school and institution to control the bell automatically according to the time set by the user.If equipped with the corresponding language film, it can also be used as the voice prompt of the schedule in the home and organ to realize the automatic, timely and accurate warning. effect.

Second, the characteristics

1, can be customized multiple time points ringtones

2, the daily travel error and the bell error is less than 0.5 seconds;

3, 80 per day can be set up bell;

4, liquid crystal display, Chinese interface, easy to install;

5, ringing time by day or week cycle.

6, Bell delay time adjustable from 1 second to 99 minutes;

Third, regular bell settings

1, adjust the clock:

Press the 'school clock' key, 'school' key, respectively, the above Beijing time parameters can be adjusted according to the standard.

2, Bell time parameter settings:

2.1, playing the bell time

Press the 'TIMER' key and the LCD will show '1 ON' (the first time setting prompt). Press the 'TIME', 'CALIBRATION' key to set the desired time parameter. Number, and ring time (ringing track and ring time, each ringing time must be set to be effective ringing bell)

2.2, week parameter settings:

Press the 'school week' key there are several situations to choose from:

① single-day setting: (one or two or three ... ... or day)

② one three five

② two four six

④ Six days

⑤ one or two

⑥ four hundred fifty-six

⑦ one two three four five

⑧ twelve three four five six

⑨ one two three four five five days

If you want to ring the device to work for seven days a week, you can choose the first ⑨ kind of situation, and so the other. If you need to reset can be pressed 'Cancel Restore' key to set the opening time display '

Fourth, the working status display

Working status display:

Bell access to power, the display appears Beijing time, according to the automatic state

5, manual ringing control

To manually ring the bell, press the 'Manual' button to move the LCD display from 'Auto' to 'On' to indicate that the bell is already in operation. Press the 'Manual' button to move the LCD display from the 'On' position to the 'Auto' or 'Off' position, which must be set to the automatic position during automatic control.

Sixth, performance indicators

1, the standard operating voltage: 220V / 50Hz +10%

2, ringtone settings: 1-80 ringtones can be customized ringing,

3, power consumption: <5VA

4, 80 times to set the bell;

5, 1 second to 99 minutes Bell delay time adjustable;

6, Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃;