Women's self defense for personal self defense weapons pepper pepper alarm anti-lost hailing device protection

Women's self defense for personal self defense weapons pepper pepper alarm anti-lost hailing device protection

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Eye- Fire / Fire Eye
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Item: Alarm
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 58
  • Color Classification: Spot - Common Pink alarm spot - Blue Alarm Common Stock - Common Yellow alarm spot - the new flower fairies alarm spot - the new blue cartoon cat Stock - general section black spot - - black embossed spot upgrade models - the new yellow smiley face - on red spot - new white Smile - new white spot on red smiley face - blue spot - the new pink Mashimaro spot - improved yellow subsection (with snatches rope) spot - improvement blue section (with snatches rope) spot - improved pink section (with snatches rope) spot - improved black models (with snatches rope)
  • Time to market: Fall 2014

Anti-rape Introduction

The policeman let us always be careful your wallet, go pay attention to safety...

Now, with mini electronic anti-rape device allows you to go out with more confidence, more peace of mind Beautiful women who will always be some more trouble than others, and now with this cute little baby do not worry about it!

When the case of criminals attack or other emergency, pull out the control pin,
The anti-rape device that is issued Strong alarm sound of 120 db Effective deterrence criminals.

Size: 68 * 38 * 25MM
Weight: 30G

1. Women walk alone or dark night to go home, in case of suspicious person near or trailing, you can pull bolt, deter suspicious people, give up their evil thinking.

2. go out shopping, child carry a alarm, in case become separated, can sound the alarm, to avoid missing.
3. acute illness of the elderly (such as coronary heart disease, etc.), carry (or night in bedside suspension) this cheap personal alarm, meet the onset of the disease, we can not say the situation, sounding the alarm could save life.

Note: This product is not disposable, pull out bolt alarm sound that is, back into the latch, the alarm sound stops can be used repeatedly.!

A small alarm to protect a person's life, so cheap to send their own use of body composition everyone affordable! It was given to her parents, the child gave the mother, lovers give elderly parents, caring person send girlfriend to share. I believe it will give your personal safety, property safety to provide personal and intimate protection. Before shipment decibels are detected, the bad will not issue, we are more concerned about quality than you. If you do not use 120 db decibel meter or other equipment testing, free replacement or a full refund.

Improved models (with snatches rope section) built four AG13 / LR44 button electronic

Now send and consequently better to send security!! What you hesitate, give yourself, family, friends, co-workers will not lose. Like to buy it!!!

New ordinary black models, black embossed upgrade section

The new anti-wolf alarm Smile

Read before purchase (Strongly recommend that you take a few minutes to look)

1. Baby price is so low, the quality of how ah?

Low-cost does not mean poor quality, factory direct supply, the introduction of promotional prices, much lower than the cost of the baby. After the event immediately restore the original price. We are more concerned about the quality of goods than you!

2. There is no 120 db ah? Alarm sound emitted is what ah? Why is not the sound of siren?
Our page has a real shot video. Baby issue is a powerful rapid beeps, the domestic production of alarm are all of this type of sound, the sound also belong to the alarm tone. If that's the sound of the siren, it belongs POLICE counterfeiting equipment, and is illegal. Standard decibel meter measured 120 db.

3. How to use it? What kind of shape? What accessories have it? Can you tell us about it?

Product Description illustrations, vivid briefed baby, characteristics and methods of use. It is strongly recommended that you carefully review.

4. waterproof it? Can you throw? Anti-extrusion it?

ABS plastic, not waterproof, do not drop resistance, no compression, which is knowledge of life, huh, huh.

5. goods received, not how loud ah?
Express way turbulence, violence sorting courier companies, are likely to make the battery inside the loose, open the back cover, you can adjust the position of the battery before shipment, we have carefully checked, if still does not ring, please contact us to communicate solve.

6. I do not want it

7 days no reason to refund, from the date of receipt to return within 7 days, buyers need to bear the freight Oh friends, you can take the time to check the return insurance, this is the case, the return costs are borne by the insurance company, but the baby so practical benefits, such a good opportunity, so many people did not grab you sure you want to give up this opportunity it?!

7. The feeling of little use ah?

Please put away the unlimited imagination, we strongly recommend that you look carefully described in the description of illustrations, as well as real shot video, please do not feel of shopping. As useful, but a case of emergency, the usefulness is manifested, usually less than basic, so-called preventive measures!!!

Instructions for use

Use 1: Ms. met satyr girl gangsters pull the alarm cord, alarm send 100 points Tony frequency alarm sound, play an effective role in deterring criminals and predators.
Purpose 2: child Old case of onset of the disease, lost, stolen and robbed meet emergencies such case, the alarm cord
Pull a child, causing the attention of other people around, come to rescue.
Uses 3: For in an emergency, such as an earthquake or other reasons due to the siege in the ruins
People, the alarm then pull the rope, high frequency sound attracted the attention of rescue personnel.
Uses 4: One end of the rope tied to the belt or go and hang around the neck, and the other end tied to the bag, key
On spoons, mobile phones and other valuables, stole the situation encountered by a rope pulled the alarm warning will deter thieves Note also reminded people around, the event also serves to grab the rope layer of protection against loss of function.