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MUXNCAMP Outdoor Compass Compass Compass Car Car Compass Silver New

MUXNCAMP Outdoor Compass Compass Compass Car Car Compass Silver New
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: MUXIN CAMP
  • Item No .: MXJ-024S
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 58
  • Sports outdoor projects: bicycle cross-country hiking camping climbing climbing upstream rafting travel
  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Purpose: Point to navigation
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Whether the shock: No
  • Whether the luminous display: Yes
  • To carry: hanging button
  • Display: pointer type

Solemnly stated: The company did not carry out the distribution business, nor authorized other shops to sell our products, so any other shops exist with us the same product effect diagram are Pirates of the map, and not our company's products.

Strongly condemns disrespect for others' labor outcomes: Taobao better sellers to steal our pictures, copy our text, so that consumers mistakenly believe that the same manufacturer of products, different factories, work, pointer stability and accuracy will be different, or even very different. Our compass from the regular more than 10 years experience in the production of large manufacturers, a reliable quality, exquisite workmanship and precise performance. Pictures and descriptions can be copied, but the quality can not be copied, please pro-polished eye, do not be confused.

Please believe that the market rules: a penny goods, low-cost often means low quality!
The cost can be reduced, the material can be used with good? Poor workmanship to ensure the accuracy of what? Yard poor plating color and color guarantee period Oh?

"Name"Hardcover compass compass

MaterialCopper shell, surface plating

"specification"Diameter 50mm, high 16mm

"weight"About 52 grams


The other hand, low cost, poor process of a few dollars of the compass, in the rotation compass, the pointer to swing around several times before the stable direction;

※ Built-in damping oil, better stability, more suitable for sports, rugged environment;

※ copper shell: the average thickness of 0.2 mm, durable;

※ pointer with luminous design, light absorption, clearly visible in the night;

※ compass scale clear, work well, shell imitation gold processing, highlight the grade, can be used as a gift to share.

※ with hanging ring, can be hung on the bag, the key ring, together, like a pocket watch, exquisite beauty, can be used as a gift

"Instructions for use"

E S W N stands for SE
The arrow points in the north direction
Turn the compass so that the letter 'N' coincides with the arrow (point to the same), then the other letters on the compass corresponding to the direction of the actual geographical position


※ use in the horizontal state, in order to ensure as accurate as possible;

※ In order to avoid disorder of the magnetic needle, please keep a distance with the wire mesh and magnetic objects (such as high-voltage lines, generators, audio, magnets, etc.);

※ Do not beat or hand-beat compass, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy;

※ keep the shell and mirror smooth, do not use dirty cloth, hand to wipe;

※ When not in use put into the box, placed not near the ferromagnetic material, so as not to loss of magnetic.