USB2.0 extension cable male to female 1.5 / 3/5/10 meter data signal line computer magnetic ring extension cable

USB2.0 extension cable male to female 1.5 / 3/5/10 meter data signal line computer magnetic ring extension cable

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Length: 0.5m 1.5m 10m 1m 2m 3M 5m
  • (Not when charging extension cable) Black high-quality non-magnetic ring (when the phone charging extension cord)

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'To join, to participate in the latter part of buying more snapping activities'This extension cord charging is relatively slow, not even with the wireless card, not suitable for mobile hard drives, unacceptable customers do not Take! ! !

Product Introduction

USB2.0 extension cable data lines Applicable to various USB devices to extend, U disk, mouse, keyboard, printers, scanners and other external devices with USB interface The standard USB2.0 connector provides excellent electrical conductivity, braided copper mesh and aluminum-platinum double-layer shielding, with magnetic ring interference, making high-speed transmission of data.
'product name'USB2.0 extension cable
'Length'1.5 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters, (10 meters with double magnetic ring)
'Colour Transparent caressing blue
'Connector type USB2.0Male connector
'Interface Type USB2.0 female socket
'Wire Flexible PVC jacket, flexible not easily broken, durable
'Product advantages'Braided copper mesh and aluminum-platinum double-layer shielding, large magnetic ring, can reduce electromagnetic interference and radio interference, stylish appearance, elegant elegance blue
'Product Usage USB device data line signal extension
'Use range USB mouse, keyboard, MP3, MP4, U disk, tablet, printer, scanner and other USB devices, support desktop And notebook computers
'Convenience Lossless signal, plug and play
'Packaging'Fashion simple packaging

A, pro, normal computer connected to the USB extension cable will automatically identify the installation driver, if the computer prompts you can not identify the installation, Do not worry, install the driver wizard Baidu, and then open the driver wizard, click on the driver, then the wizard will automatically identify you wizard Of the computer currently needs to install the program, then click the appropriate program to install! Or not, then try to restart the computer, re-wiring You can!

B, the drive is no problem, when you connect the device can not be used, you do not worry, use this line to connect the mouse, the keyboard test Try, and then connect the phone to test whether the phone can be charged. These can be used, then the printer or U disk other devices do not Can read, it may be your device power consumption is relatively large, you need a power amplifier with a usb power supply, you can Taobao Buy one, worth about 15 yuan 包邮.

1. High-purity nickel-plated plug, to reduce data loss, error signal;
2.USB mother all-inclusive design, anti-oxidation, anti-interference, double-shielded;
3. Plug with a 24-hour salt spray test (nickel), to improve product corrosion resistance to salt spray, increase product life;
4. Wire core conductor using high-quality oxygen-free copper, increasing product signal transmission surface, extending product life;
5. Use of high-quality data lines (unique signal line twisted way): weave encryption, triple shield, transmission faster;
6. The use of wear-resistant non-toxic environmentally friendly rubber compound, Fu Qing transparent blue, more clearly visible inner quality;
7. Support multiple operating systems, compatibility: Windows8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2008/2003/2000/98.