Domain can | USB2.0 extension cable male to female 1.5 / 3/5/10 m data signal line computer magnetic extension cord

Domain can | USB2.0 extension cable male to female 1.5 / 3/5/10 m data signal line computer magnetic extension cord

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Length: 1.5m 10m 3M 5m
  • Color Category: transparent blue shipping

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[Add to Favorites, late buying more involved in buying activity]This charging extension cord is relatively slow, not suitable for even the wireless card, nor even for mobile hard drives, customers do not accept Take! ! !

Product Introduction

USB2.0 extension cable data lines For a variety of USB devices extend, U disk, mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, external USB interface is provided with Equipment, standard USB2.0 connector provides excellent electrical conductivity, woven copper mesh and aluminum foil double shielding with magnetic interference, making high-speed data transmission.
【product name】USB2.0 extension cable
[Length]1.5 meters, 3 meters and 5 meters (10 meters including double ring)
【Colour Enchanting blue transparent
[Connector type USB2.0Male jack
【Interface Type USB2.0 Female Sockets
[Wire rod Flexible PVC jacket flexibility difficult to break, durable
【Product advantages】Weave copper mesh and aluminum foil double shielding, big ring, can reduce electromagnetic interference and radio interference, stylish appearance, enchanting and elegant blue
【Product Usage USB device data signal line extended
【Scope USB mouse, keyboard, MP3, MP4, U disk, tablet, printers, scanners and other USB devices that support desktop And notebook computers
【Convenience Lossless signal, plug and play
[Package]Fashion Simple Wrapping

A, pro, normal computer will automatically recognize the connected USB extension cable after installing the driver, if the computer that you can not identify the installation, Do not worry, Baidu install driver wizard, and then open the driver wizard, click the driver, then the driver wizard will automatically recognize your Currently requires a computer installed programs, then click the appropriate installation! Does not work, then try to restart the computer, re-wiring You can!

B, when the driver is not a problem when you can not connect the device to use, you do not worry, with this cable connected mouse, keyboard test Try, then connect your phone to test whether you can charge the phone. These can be used, then the U disk printer or other device is not Can read, it's possible that your device power consumption is relatively large, you need to match a usb power amplifier power, you can buy Taobao Buy one, worth about 15 yuan shipping.

1. High-purity nickel plated plugs, reduce data loss, an error signal;
2.USB female all-inclusive design, anti-oxidation, anti-interference, double shielding;
3. Plug is used 24 hours salt spray test (nickel), improve product salt spray corrosion, increase product life;
4. The core conductor made of high-quality oxygen-free copper to increase the signal transmission surface products, extend product life;
5. Use high-quality data lines (twisted pair signal lines unique way): weaving encryption, triple shielding, faster transmission;
6. The outside is wear-resistant non-toxic green plastic material, enchanting blue transparent, more clearly visible inner quality;
7. Support for multiple operating systems, compatibility: Windows8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2008/2003/2000/98.