Box sets | Travel Trolley cover shipping | trunk protector | 20-30 inch luggage cover | waterproof | BOOT

Box sets | Travel Trolley cover shipping | trunk protector | 20-30 inch luggage cover | waterproof | BOOT

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Wu Ming small family
  • Item: 453
  • Price tag: 20
  • Color: brown 29-inch brown 28 inch brown 26 inch brown 24 inch brown 22-inch brown 20-inch deep-blue 29-inch deep-blue 28-inch deep-blue 26-inch deep-blue 24-inch deep-blue 22-inch deep-blue 20-inch Rose Red 29 inch Rose 28-inch red rose red rose red 26-inch 24-inch 22-inch rose red rose red rose red 20 inch 30-inch 30-inch brown dark blue 30-inch
  • Time to market: 2013 summer

A box set of voice:

Although I'm just a box set, although my worth is not expensive, though I'm just a nonwoven fabric. However, I am willing to use my arms across my chest to protect his brothers and sisters are not subject to external damage, so that they day as new, prevent friction to prevent dust.. in exchange for the owner's smiling face. I have in my heart secretly wish I could get the owners of pity, because I was not strong enough to have no fear in this big world I'm afraid external damage, I'm just a weak box sets. I can pray to meet kind and lovely people, let me throw a few wrestle less and less rain shower a few games. I can perfectly healthy, to stay with my brother box sisters traveled together a lot of the road, watching a lot of scenery, until long, long time ......

Color: brown pink

Features: The new box sets of thick non-woven fabric is more wear-resistant, can be used repeatedly many times.

Purpose: for CHECK IN time, put the suitcase before shipping, to protect the box checked at the airport.

Box sets Size: 22 inch, 20 inch 24 inch, 26 inch, 28 inch, 29 inch

To avoid waste, please be responsible for their choice Oh! be sure The actual measurement of the size of their own box!!

It allows the presence of trace error, only for reference

(length Width Thickness)

18 inch 45 * 35 * 22

20 inch 50 * 38 * 23

22 inch 53 * 40 * 23

24 inch 60 * 42 * 27

26 inch 64 * 44 * 29

28 inch 69 * 51 * 33

29 inch 70 * 53 * 33
30 inch 73 * 54 * 34
rose Red

Navy blue

Thick non-woven material and the outside cheap counterfeit goods completely different texture Oh!

Very convenient adhesive ...... definitely your journey is a good helper ~

Dangdang Dangdang ...... handsome box pull Well ......

2010 Japanese nylon textured genuine ito box sets waiting for you to take it home ......

Feel its magic in the road haulage it ......

Note beat of suitable size oh ~

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