MUXINCAMP luminous compass car compass | car with a professional compass | bronze waterproof Gift Set

MUXINCAMP luminous compass car compass | car with a professional compass | bronze waterproof Gift Set

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MUXIN CAMP
  • Item no: MXJ-018
  • Origin: China
  • Hanging price: 88
  • Time to market: the fall of 2014
  • Use: orientation, navigation
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Shock: Yes
  • Luminous display: Yes
  • Carrying method: handheld
  • Display type: analog

"Name"Hardcover compass compass

"Material"Brass shell, imitation gold surface treatment

"Specifications"50mm, 16mm

The "weight"About 52 grams


※ Directions precisely, pointer return faster. Other low cost technology difference a few dollars of Compass, rotating compass,, pointer to swing around several times until a stable orientation;

※ Built-in damping oil, better stability, more suitable for sport, rugged environments;

※ The copper casing: the average thickness of 0.2 mm, sturdy and durable;

※ Pointer with luminous design, after absorbing light, clearly visible in the dark;

※ Compass clear, excellent workmanship, outer covering of imitation gold processing, showing grade, parable that can be used for gifts.

※ Is equipped with a loop for hanging and can be hung on the package, on a key chain, closed back like a Pocket Watch, exquisite appearance, parable that can be used as a gift

"Instructions for use"

E s w n represent the four cardinal points
Arrow pointing ' North ' direction
Turn the compass, letters 'N' coincides with the arrow (pointing to the line), other letters correspond to the directions of the compass is the actual geographic locations


※ At the State level, in order to ensure accurate;

※ In order to avoid confusion in the needle, when used with barbed wire, and magnetic objects maintain a certain distance (such as power lines, generators, speakers, magnets, etc);

※ Do not beat or hand compass, so as not to affect the measuring accuracy;

※ Keep case and mirror-smooth, do not use dirty cloths, hand wipes;

※ Do not be put away in boxes, placed not to go near the ferromagnetic material, so as to avoid loss of magnetism.