Travel luggage cross strap | lengthened bundled with a bag to strengthen the bag with luggage straps supplies

Travel luggage cross strap | lengthened bundled with a bag to strengthen the bag with luggage straps supplies

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: hawks
  • Item No .: F51
  • Price tag: 28
  • Color Classification: No. 2, No. 3, No. 3, No. 4, No. 7, No. 8, No. 9, No. 9, No. 10, No. 1, color, hawks, packing belt - black hawk pack - blue hawk pack - orange hawk pack - Rose red hawk pack belt - purple hawk pack belt - grass green
  • Sports outdoor projects: tourism
  • Time to market: 2013 winter

---- The following paragraph for the general package with ----

Specifications: lengthened widening thick, strong, About 4.1 meters wide and about 5cm (Excluding hardware length, 32-inch large suitcase can be hit)

Material: high-strength polyester silk ribbon

Packaging: unified OPP plastic bag

Weight: about 160g / root

Features: strong, solid, eye-catching

Advantages: a solid cross buckle to seal the luggage

Uses: travel, travel, luggage tied abroad

Travel abroad with this band to prevent the objects scattered inside the box.It is very convenient to use, is a tool to carry on the road!

Reliable buckle to seal the bag, can be used for travel, travel, bags bound to go abroad. High-density printing weaving system, beautiful appearance, fashion. With a layer of reinforcement to protect the box, with it, the box in the way of shipment no longer have to worry about falling apart, especially the big trunk!

When you go abroad, checked baggage is inevitable, choose a strong solid strap is not negligible, rainbow packing strip can be more eye-catching! This high-quality packing belt, high-density webbing, durable, strong , Lengthened with a wide body, can be free telescopic, you can use 32-inch box.This is a dedicated luggage checked luggage, the whole packing with about 4M long, 32-inch aviation box can be tied up by cross, On the way due to bumping the adverse effects of the goods suffered.

There are four advantages to using a strapping strap when the luggage is full:

1, to facilitate the airport conveyor belt to find your suitcase immediately;

2, if the goods are relatively heavy, packaged with the words, can facilitate the handling;

3, can play a certain degree of anti-theft effect (thieves want to steal items in the trunk, you need to unlock the packing belt, open and restore the packaging time-consuming, will increase the probability of being captured, it will not start with) ;

4, to the airport and then packaged, then pack a box usually charges around 20 yuan a circle, you have to spend 40 to spend a cross, and their packing belt can be reused, not easy to waste.

This product features:

A, strong.

B, color and its eye-catching, allowing you to receive baggage at the airport conveyor belt to quickly find your luggage;

C. At the top of each strap, a tabbed window is designed. You can insert a card in the window so that you do not need to open the package in case you have a lot of wraps. Just by the text on the window card, you can Find what you're looking for right away!

———The following is a two-layer reinforced packing belt———

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