Cross suitcase packing tape | high quality long wide Lashing | checked bag reinforced with a suitcase Supplies

Cross suitcase packing tape | high quality long wide Lashing | checked bag reinforced with a suitcase Supplies

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: hawks
  • Product Number: F51
  • Price tag: 28
  • Color Classification: 2 colors 3 colors 4 colors on the 7th suit on the 8th color suit on the 10th on the 9th on the 11th color color number 1 color 12 color 14 color suit on the 13th hawks strap - black hawks strap - blue hawks strap - orange strap hawks - Rose hawks strap - purple strap hawks - grass green
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Tourism
  • Time to market: Winter 2013

---- The following is a general section strap ----

Specifications: long, wide thick, super strong, Length of 4.1 meters and a width of about 5cm (Excluding hardware length, To play 32-inch suitcase)

Material: high-strength polyester silk belt

Packing: unified OPP plastic bags

Weight: about 160g / root

Features: Strong, solid, eye-catching

Advantages: strong cross buckle can seal bags

Uses: travel, travel abroad luggage bundle

With this band tied to travel abroad, to prevent scattered inside the object. Very easy to use, portable tool is traveling!

Reliable cross buckle can be sealed bags, can be used for travel, tourism, overseas luggage bundle. Weaving high density printing, the appearance of fine fashion. Travel worry-free, avoid your luggage in the transport process of moving pop. Cross package band, multi-layer reinforced protection for the box, and with it, check the box in transit no longer have to worry about falling apart, especially large suitcase!

When abroad, checked baggage is unavoidable, choose a strong solid strap is not neglect, Rainbow strap can be more eye-catching! This is a high-quality packaged with high density webbing, durable, sturdy , extended body plus broadband, free expansion, you can use a 32-inch box. this is a special luggage straps checked, the entire packaged with about 4M long, 32-inch air box can be tied up by the cross, to prevent shipping because of the way the items inside bumps suffer adverse effects.

If you use a suitcase filled with goods after packing tape, have four advantages:

1, easy to find your luggage immediately at the airport conveyor belt;

2, if the goods are relatively heavy, there are packaged with, it can be easy to handle;

3, can play the role of a certain degree of security (theft thief think luggage items, you need to unlock the strap, due to open packaging recovery time-consuming and will increase the probability of being caught, and therefore will not bite) ;

4, to the airport, then re-packaged, packed in a box usually charge around $ 20 a circle, playing a cross would have to spend 40 yuan, while its strap can be reused, it is not easy to waste.

Features of this product:

a, super strong and I go to the market, according to the investigation, we have not yet seen such a high quality, high strength product;

b, and eye-catching colors, allowing you to quickly find your baggage claim area at the airport luggage carousel;

c, each of the pack to the top of the belt is designed to place the label of the window. You can insert a card in the window, so that in many cases your package, without opening the package, only the text window with the card, you can find yourself looking for the items now!

———Following is a double reinforced packing tape———

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