Decathlon | Children's Jackets | Spring outdoor waterproof windproof | Boys Girls coat jacket QUECHUA

Decathlon | Children's Jackets | Spring outdoor waterproof windproof | Boys Girls coat jacket QUECHUA

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Price tag: 149
  • Suitable for: Children
  • Price range: 101-200 yuan
  • Item: 649259
  • Mainstream Brand: Decathlon / Decathlon
  • Material: Polyester
  • Waterproof and breathable index: 5000mm and below
  • Color: blue boy boys red 2016 models 2016 models 2016 models pale purple girls boys 2016 khaki Navy blue boy models 2016 models 2016 models beige, light green girls girl pink girl section 2016 subsection
  • Materials science and technology: Novadry
  • Size: 4 years 5 years 6 years 8 years 10 years 12 years 14 years

Designed for On foot children's rain and wind protection design
product name: Teen outdoor sports jacket waterproof light
JKT Arp500 Light
constitute: Inner and outer layers Material: 100% polyester
Warranty: 2 years
Novadry Waterproof jacket, 2000mm waterproof coating, the main joint sealing.
Breathable waterproof jacket: more breathable (Novadry Technology) than the general waterproof jacket.
Lined with mesh design, provides comfort.
Windproof coat. So you do not catch cold.
Fabric waterproof test: According to ISO 811 standard, we mm (mm water column) to indicate the degree of resistance to pressure of a piece of cloth A piece of cloth can withstand water pressure higher value indicates water resistance stronger. On behalf of a waterproof fabric is capable of 2000mm applied to its surface subjected to 2000 mm water column pressure (approximately equivalent to two hours of continuous downpour).
Maintenance suggestion: 1. Can the water temperature 40 ° C Machine wash: before cleaning please Velcro fixed, negative cleaning loosen the rope and elastic band 2. Avoid placing folded clothes into the washing machine after, to avoid clothing damage 3. Do not... use bleach. 4. Select the long-range gentle wash cycle mode 5. only be hung to dry. 6. The low temperature ironing. 7. Do not dry clean.
Purchase Knowledge: Novadry innovative fabrics: wind and water, the product after 4 hours, 100 liters / square meter waterproof test simulates the real test environment outdoors

Blue Boy 2016 models

Red Boy 2016 models

Khaki Boys 2016 models

Navy boys subsection 2016

Light purple girls 2016 models

Light green 2016 models girls

New pink girl

The new blue-gray girl

The new blue girl

Close-up collar with elastic hat can be accommodated inside the collar
Closeup pocket mesh lining, more comfortable

Tops parameters: · Chest: chest girth · Back length: collar line to hem length Sleeves: Sleeve length friendly reminder:
① size data for the manual measurement results, a slight deviation 1-2CM, the following physical size data for the product size, might and unity Size Chart or tag size is different in kind measure prevail.

size Height (cm) Bust (cm) After long cm) Sleeve (cm)
4 years 98-104 73 43.7 40
6 years 115-124 81 49.4 48
8 years 125-132 85 51.3 50
10 years old 133-142 90 55.1 54
12 years 143-150 96 59.1 58
14 years 151-160 103 63.2 62