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Children 's Socks Summer Socks Women' s Socks

Children 's Socks Summer Socks Women' s Socks
Product code: 33641800030
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Product parameters:

  • Year of the season: Spring of 2017
  • Brand: cocowalk
  • Socks type: socks
  • Item: 503063
  • Color classification: mesh bear 5 double loaded poster web giraffe 5 pairs of teeth teeth mouth butterfly 5 double installed mesh multicolored car 5 double installed mesh aircraft 5 double installed mesh color little bit 5 double installed mesh rabbit 5 double installed mesh strawberry 5 double Autumn section of the wave point of the bear 5 pairs of five-angle star bear five-fold double-loaded snowman pattern 5 double-loaded autumn flat five-color car 5 double loaded autumn bear footprints 5 pairs of installed mesh traffic light 5 double loaded autumn love female bear 5 Double loaded autumn strawberry 5 double loaded autumn section striped bear 5 double installed mesh sun flower 5 double installed mesh forest house 5 double loaded autumn large ears 5 double
  • Applicable age: 2-4 (12-14cm) 4-6 (14-16cm) 6-8 (16-18cm) 9-12 (18-22cm)
  • size: one size
  • Season: unlimited season
  • Applicable gender: male

Mesh size of the size of the bear to do too large, than other models are a bit too big!

Color: as shown in Figure 5 double (The same number of different colors will be a little different length, care about the mother who carefully shot!

Material: cotton

Size: 12-14 hand laying socks at about 12cm long, about 6.5cm high, suitable for 13-15cm feet between the long wear

14-16 hand laying socks at about 13.5cm long, about 7cm high, suitable for 15-17cm feet between the long wear

16-18 hand-laying socks at about 15cm long, about 7cm high, suitable for 16-19cm feet between the long wear

18-22 hand laying socks at about 16.5cm long, about 8.5cm high, suitable for 18-22cm between the length of wear

23.8 yuan is the price of five pairs of five pairs of 23.8 yuan also 包邮 (most areas)!

Pro must be sure to pay attention : 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 9-12 is not representative of the age, but the number of socks, and now children feet, we must look at children wearing large shoes to determine which number to buy, generally 30 yards - -34, 35 yards to take 9-12 maximum, 27 yards --- 30 yards to take 6-8, 24 yards --- 26 yards to take 4-6, the smallest number 2-4 is generally 1 year old To about 2 years old baby wear. Specific please according to their own size of the baby selection!