By type 6 zones metal detector security doors outdoor rain-type liquid crystal panel of high-end security door key positions

By type 6 zones metal detector security doors outdoor rain-type liquid crystal panel of high-end security door key positions

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Shen Exploration
  • Model: BCT-800PW

Myself, 'good product' is not good, there are third-party authorities report:

This third-party certification through the security gate and security sector in line with national standards:

A Pacemaker wearers or other support systems, pregnant women and magnetic media floppy disks, tapes, video tapes and other sound

B Comply FAA'3- gun - testing standards and the safety standards of NILECJ-0601-00

C Comply with the relevant electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility with international standards and EC rules E.M.C.

D Complies with the radio interference radiation EN55011, FCC and VDE0875 standards

E Products meet the "GB15210-2003"

BCT800PW security door parameters:

Power source: AC85V ~ 264V / 47-64Hz

Dimensions: 2222mm (height) X860mm (width) X695mm (deep)

Weight: about 75kg

Standard: GB15210-2003

Power: <35w

Channel dimensions: 2000mm (height) X700mm (width) X656mm (deep)

Working environment: -10 ℃ - + 55 ℃

Metal detector gate performance and features:

1, a display panel:Selected LCD display panel, intuitive display, the operator is even more work.

2, Chinese and English: Use / English menu operation, simple and convenient.

3, the detection area: There are left and right 12 detection zones, grouped into six regions, both single-location alarm and alarm at the same location can be more accurately determine the location of metal objects.

4, the alarm display area: Right and left side door pillar built-in LED display can show the body height corresponding parts of the alarm location of metal objects directly through the pillar lights. Each location has a green light to distinguish between the various regions standby, red light green light off an alarm.

5, sound and light alarm: Using a large speaker alarm volume, 10 tones adjustable alarm sound high, low, no three options to adapt to different times and on different occasions of use.

6, Adjustable area sensibility: The maximum sensitivity can detect metal paper clip size. 5-50 overall sensitivity levels, each level can be adjusted between 0-99 sensitivity region, pre-set metal objects weight, volume, size, location, coins can be removed, unnecessary alarm keys, jewelry, belt buckles and the like.

7, anti-interference ability: The ability to use digital and analog circuits and combining about balancing technology, and anti-interference magnetic damping technology, to prevent false alarms, omissions, to increase interference.

8, password protection: Password protected, allowing only authorized personnel to operate, and more secure.

9, the remote control: On the panel work on the metal detector system is operated by the ultra-thin hand-held remote control.

10, counting function: Screen display can calculate the throughput and the number of alarms.

11, harmless to human body: The heart in the human body pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disks, tapes and other sound.

12, Power Security: A closed broadband switching power supply, the whole power into the mainframe power supply through the switch startup and shutdown.

13, water resistance:this BCT800PW Type metal detector door products, divided into three parts: the left and right detection door and the main chassis with lightweight aluminum column, Firewood combined into a detachable structure, door ABS plastic oversized gloves and cap with a waterproof, fireproof , rust, corrosion, and stable seismic station performance.

14, easy to install: BCT800PW metal detector is integrated design, only a fixed wrench 6mm, 10 minutes to complete the installation or removal, random with installation of the operating instructions.

15, site of use: Available in checking the factory, prison, court, exhibition halls, stadiums, entertainment venues and other metal objects.