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16 inch DIY album handmade creative couple romance album album sticky birthday gift souvenir

16 inch DIY album handmade creative couple romance album album sticky birthday gift souvenir
Product code: 33611300030
Unit price 4.28-6.04$
Sold quantity 292318
Available stock 457758

Product parameters:

  • Packing volume: 0.01
  • Can be incorporated Photo: 201 (including) -300 (including)
  • Brand: Jiangnan dream
  • Gross weight: 1.2
  • Photo Size: 5 inch 6 inch 7 inch other small 5 inch 8 inch 10 inch
  • Album type: Paste
  • Product number: M15031401
  • Color classification: Family + Ribbon Gift Box + Color Diamond Our Story + Ribbon Gift Box + Diamonds Baby Bear + Ribbon Gift Box + Color Diamond Lovely Girl + Ribbon Gift Box + Color Diamond Hot Stamping + Ribbon Gift Box + Diamond Diamond Symphony + Ribbon Gift Box + Happy Birthday + Happy Birthday + Gift Box + Colorful Diamond Our Story + Gift Box + Color Diamond Baby Bear + Gift Box + Colorful Diamond Family Happy Hour + Gift Box + Colorful Diamond Family Symphonic Tower Our Story Baby Bear Bronzing Love Everlasting Love Happy day + Colorful Cute Girl + Gift Box + Diamonds Hot Stamping + Gift Box + Color Diamond + Symphony + Gift Box + Color Diamond Eternal Love + Gift Box + Color Diamond
  • Material: paper

20151231-15 Activity Date: 2016-6-31 15:20 - 2017-11-30 15:20
Single order full 19 yuan 包邮 (Not including the region: Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia

Accessories and albums shipped together, accessories do not need to count the freight, photographed after the freight will be changed! A photo album requires spare parts in order to receive a coupon to purchase, plus bonus, enough fresh cool! To make exquisite results, the specific consultation can be customer service ~~~

Oh, we have this album inside the page, each album is the distribution of the upgraded version of the pocket inside the page, a set of pages with (not punched black card 30, hit the hole in the bag 30, Bags can be used to protect photos for a long time Oh)

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