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High - end security doors 255 Sensitivity security doors security doors copper and silver processing plant anti - theft detection doors

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: MCD / the United States up to Cheng
  • Model: 803

Application areas:

Airport, various venues, large-scale activities, stations, docks, entertainment venues, prisons, courts, government departments, factories, examination rooms, shopping malls, community access security checks and prohibited items inspection.

Power supply: AC100V-240V 50HZ-60HZ

Power: <35W

Dimensions: 2200mm (high) '800mm (width)' 500mm (deep)

Channel size: 2010mm (high) '700mm (width)' 500mm (deep)

Appearance color: black, white, dark blue and other colors to choose from

Machine weight: about 70kg

Working environment: -20 ° C- + 45 ° C

Meet the standard: GB15210-2003 "through the metal detector general technical specifications" national standard

Operation method:

Panel digital key operation; infrared remote control operation; computer remote networking operation;

Deluxe LCD display, Chinese and English bilingual menu;

Detection area:

According to the basic structure of the human body, the detection door is divided into multiple overlapped detection areas. The mesh detection method and the single frequency excitation technique are adopted to eliminate the weak zone and the blind zone in the detection area, and the sensitivity is higher and the performance is more stable.

Alarm mode:

Sound and light alarm, tone speed can distinguish between the size of metal objects, a variety of alarm volume mode for different occasions, the choice of the right and left through the posts of ultra-bright LED warning lights can accurately display the body corresponding to a high degree of concealment of prohibited items.

Area Sensitivity:

The maximum sensitivity can detect the metal content of the paper clip object, the sensitivity can be adjusted between 0-255, according to the detection requirements of the regional regulator adjusted to the appropriate sensitivity, while the overall sensitivity can be adjusted. Fixed metal weight, volume, size, location, excluding keys, jewelry, belt buckle and other false alarms.

Product Technology:

Using PVC products, synthetic materials and special manufacturing process, waterproof, luxurious appearance is more suitable for large-scale high-level places to use.

Intelligent Statistics:

Intelligent traffic and alarm counting function, can automatically count the number of personnel and the number of alarms.

Anti-interference ability:

Using digital, analog and balance technology to prevent false alarms and omission, greatly improving the anti-jamming capability.

safety protection:

Dual password protection, allowing only authorized personnel to operate, according to the need to modify the password, and provide password loss recovery settings, more secure.

Automatic parameter storage, no need to use uninterruptible power supply protection, more secure and more convenient.

Electromagnetic radiation:

Meet the EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, the use of weak magnetic field technology, the pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks, film, video and other harmless.

Installation and commissioning:

ZK-803 series metal detector door with integrated design, only 20 minutes to install or dismantle is completed, equipped with random installation and commissioning instructions.