Aili Ti 2016 summer new female princess sleeve white lace dress Slim wild bottoming skirt autumn

Aili Ti 2016 summer new female princess sleeve white lace dress Slim wild bottoming skirt autumn

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material: 77% cotton, polyamide fibers (nylon) 23%
  • Sales channels Type: pure electric provider (sold online only)
  • Product Number: A13XB3033
  • Style: Commuter
  • Commuter: Korean
  • Combination forms: single piece
  • Skirt Length: short skirts
  • Style: Other / other
  • Sleeve: Sleeve
  • Collar: Round neck
  • Sleeve type: Puff
  • Waist type: waist
  • Clothing placket: zipper
  • Skirt type: princess dress
  • pattern: plain
  • Popular elements / process: hollow embroidered lace zipper
  • Brand: Aili Ti
  • Fabric: Lace
  • Component content: 71% (inclusive) -80% (inclusive)
  • Material: Cotton
  • Age: 25-29 years of age
  • Year season: 2015 Fall
  • Color: black with beige lined with white black green
  • Size: XS S M L XL

Currently Taobao theft of our picture to price shop to sell tens of dollars more and more, even the so-called Crown stores in theft, the company also submitted a complaint to the raw materials Taobao in the end. For the buyer doubts about prices, Alice Ti proposed MM who are not at ease at the same time, then you can buy other home and Aili Ti to compare, because the picture can be stolen share, quality can not be copied. we also purchased a few yuan on Taobao sales are quite good view over the quality of fabrics, whether or fabric lining grade materials simply can not compare with us, they sell more than the price of our costs are so much. If you think buying Debu value, you can buy a few yuan contrast look, If we have the quality and workmanship, we are willing to ten times the payment., he said so much, I believe that you understand their buyers MM.

Reaffirmed: Ariel Ti genuine security, the whole network exclusive high-end custom lace fabric, imitation products can not match!

Design highlights:

Draping atmosphere, which create a great dress princess Fan

Delicate web bottom lace flowers, people see the love with

High-end custom embroidery turned out, Xian Qi full

Fine fabrics, and exclusive special, unique design, irresistible

Baby Description

This is a surprise baby

It appears suddenly receive all sought after,

Golden ratio split the waist,

Right to highlight the graceful curve of the body,

Meticulous hand-waist pleats,

Woman is unique and delicate beauty

Waist can cover the fleshy oh

Classic colors,

Inside the ride Waichuan, Variety heart, how to wear are beautiful

Fabric: 77% cotton, 23% nylon

Lining: 100% polyester

Skirt pin explosion , Clothes Quality and style Agreement has been pro Favorable comment Fabric used is imported machinery production embroidered fabrics, embroidered combed cotton up Clear and full of flowers, soft, skin-friendly sense of strong, high-grade texture . Matched chiffon crepe de chine lining, are upscale incarnation professional custom surface materials, coupled with professional foreign trade processing manufacturers, only high-end stores will be so spend the cost to operate, but here, You can enjoy the price of civilians such treatment, Very value of a dress worthy parents who have an oh.
Warm Tips: Normally skirt is really impermeable, for individual conservative MM mentioned a little bit through a small problem in this specially NOTE: We use high-grade soft crepe de chine silk chiffon lining having a barrier Effect. Usually we like this upscale chiffon lining, many manufacturers are used to make fabric. If you worry a little bit slightly through the MM wear light-colored underwear, so completely avoidable worry penetration problem (now NOTE: newly added black with beige lining paragraph, the choices are all-50D light cloth, Thus backed out a little glossy look more upscale look better)

Tips: Washing clothes suggested a neutral liquid hand wash, try not to machine wash, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Yiyi cotton washed high dry ingredients can steam iron hanging down flat.