3G / 4G wireless network card carry WIFI routing device UFI Cat Telecom Unicom mobile three card slot V8

3G / 4G wireless network card carry WIFI routing device UFI Cat Telecom Unicom mobile three card slot V8

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Network Type: 3G-Telecom Tianyi EVDO-A version of 3G-Telecom Tianyi EVDO-O version of 3G-Unicom WCDMA-HSDPA 3G-Unicom WCDMA-HSUPA CDMA WIFI 3G multi-in-one
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • Brand: Joover / excellent for Seoul
  • Model: V8
  • Interface type: wireless routing type
  • On the card device type: dual-mode network card
  • Package Type: Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4

V8 card version and WIFI version of the difference: 'Network card version 'Only supports USB interface into the desktop or laptop Internet access (WINDOWS system), can not launch WIFI; WIFI version is in addition to Network card version Function, but also support WIFI routing Mode, the V8 WIFI version into the charging head, mobile power, computer, flat USB interface, you can launch WIFI out for other devices with WIFI Internet access, compatible with more systems and equipment, supports up to 8- 10 people at the same time use the Internet connection.

Style, style two and style three random delivery, different batches of baby body printing content may be different, please prevail in actual, I hope you understand! Please see the package and the corresponding network and function after the order, so as not to (SIM card), Internet SIM card, please bring their own packages (or consult customer service request), we do not need to use the SIM card.

Cato is a standard SIM card, if you are a small SIM card, be sure to use us to send your reduction card sets to restore the standard SIM card, and then use the attached stickers fixed Oh, we send you is custom Version of the metal reduction card sets.

'Package IV ' stand by Three networks 4G , China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom's dual 4G (FDD-LTE B1 / B3 dual-band, TDD-LTE B41 single band), support China Telecom 2G3G Network and China Unicom 3G Network, already cancel China Mobile 3G network support (China Mobile has begun to gradually shut down TD's 3G network, the package IV TDD-LTE supports only 2600Mhz band (B41 band) , Part of small and medium cities may 4G mobile Not available , Please consult specific customer service)!