960p bolt cashier monitor | 1080P zoom one bolt | Digital Network Camera | mobile phone monitoring

960p bolt cashier monitor | 1080P zoom one bolt | Digital Network Camera | mobile phone monitoring

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Was like Color: Color
  • Brand: Kbier / Branch Nepal
  • Model: Y1501
  • Smart Type: Other
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Focal length: 2.8mm 6mm
  • Focal length: zoom
  • Definition: 720p 960P 1080p
  • Photosensitive area: 1/3 inch
  • City services: city logistics delivery
  • Effective distance: 10 (including) -30m (free)
  • Lens size specifications: 2.8mm

Key Benefits:

  • Manual zoom: manual zoom lens focal length is variable, it has a focus adjustment ring, the focal length of the lens can be adjusted within a certain range in practical engineering applications, by manually adjusting the zoom ring, you can easily choose to monitor. the viewing angle of the scene, such as: You can select the entire room to room to monitor or select a local area surveillance for monitoring the scene when environmental conditions are not very understanding, the use of this lens is obviously very important to the. .
  • For most of the TV monitoring system, the mounting position when the camera is fixed, then frequent manual zoom is very convenient, therefore, after the project is completed, the manual zoom lens is rarely adjusted again, but only from the role of the fixed focus lens. thus manual zoom lens is generally used in more stringent requirements and with fixed focus lens and difficult to meet the requirements of the occasion, but this shot was favored by engineers, because the use of such construction in the debugging process lens, through a range of focus adjustment, generally allows the user can always find a satisfactory observation area (not repeatedly switch to a different focal length lens), which is in the field of construction is particularly convenient to appear.
Product Features:
  • Manual zoom lens, easy to adjust the angle, do not understand the resolve lens selection pro!
We all cameras are stand-alone sale does not include ancillary equipment, such as power supply, brackets, connectors, network lines, power lines and other accessories; pro To purchase another oh please!
Optional lenses: 2.8mm specifications represent (Suitable for Within 2 meters According to Ching coins ) --- Suitable for a wide range of environments,

6mm specifications represent 6-60mm (Suitable for Within 5 meters According to Ching coins ) --- For small objects according to coin photo, etc.,