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7-inch high-definition MP4MP5 video player for the elderly to see the theater plug-in radio

7-inch high-definition MP4MP5 video player for the elderly to see the theater plug-in radio
Product code: 33511600030
Unit price 35.01-47.8$
Sold quantity 359
Available stock 17978

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Newman A76HD
  • Brand: Newman
  • Model: A76HD
  • Purchasing: Mainland China
  • color type: red
  • Memory capacity: other / other
  • Product Category: MP4
  • After - sales service: Genius
  • Memory card type: TF card
  • Video playback format: AVI DAT RM RMVB MPEG-4 MOV FLV
  • Battery Specifications: Lithium battery
  • Additional features: FM radio function picture browsing extroverted function
  • Screen size: 7.0 inches
  • Display Type: TFT screen
  • Condition: New
  • Package Type: Package Five Package One Package Two Official Standard Package Three Package IV
  • Time to market: 2014 - April

Newman singing machine 7 inch high-definition MP4MP5 video player A76HD old man watching machine putting card radio

Newman A76HD watching machine, sound and strong, humane under the button, the function of a key direct, more convenient operation. All program system, running a stable process

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Official standard: host, battery 1, data cable, warranty card, brochures, certificate (199 yuan)

Package 1: Standard + Charger ($ 209)

Package 2: Standard + Dedicated rechargeable battery 1 (including a total of 2 batteries)+ Charger ($ 239)

Package 3: Standard +8g TF card + Charger ($ 239)

Package 4: Standard +16G TF card Donate video resources + Charger ($ 259)

Package 5: Standard +32G TF card to donate video resources +charger ($ 289)

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No. 1: Square dance class Number 2: health care class

Number 3: dance video class No. 4: two people turn, comic category

Number 11: 16G card exclusive luxury video number: pop songs, classic songs, star songs, songs, songs, songs, children's songs, children's stories, Huang Mei Opera, Huai Opera, Peking opera, Shaoxing opera, drama, opera, opera, opera Allegro, two people turn, fitness, Chu drama

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Number 5, 1000 classic collection of old songs, review their parents memories (4G capacity);

No. 6: 700 classic opera: Lu opera, opera, opera, Huang Mei Opera (4G capacity);

No. 7: 700 Beijing opera, Hebei Bangzi, Pingju, two people, classic songs selected (4G capacity);

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