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Japanese men's pantyhose cotton trousers casual pants Korean feet harem pants linen pants summer trousers low crotch Cross

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Product parameters:

  • Listing Year season: 2015 Summer
  • Long pants: Pants
  • Item No: KM-8355
  • Color: KM-8355 national wind Japanese blue harem pants 0150 KM-8355 ethnic style of Japanese green harem pants 0150 KM-8355 Japanese national wind harem pants khaki 0150
  • Size: M L XL XXL
  • Style details: Ji-open wire
  • Process: DP processing
  • Brand: Kammuri / Kamo Li
  • Main material content: Hemp
  • Season: Summer
  • Application scenarios: Other leisure
  • Applicable: Youth
  • Stretch: micro-bomb
  • Waist type: waist
  • Thickness: thin
  • Time to market: 2015
  • Style: harem pants
  • Clothing type version: Straight
  • Trousers mouth style: feet
  • Basic style: popular youth
  • Subdivision style: Japanese Retro
  • Color: basic colors (black and gray, etc.)
  • pattern: plain

== ======= Treasurer says

Cheap and easy to take pants. Said that it

Enjoy breathable feeling!!

Harlan Slim version of the design, unrestrained upper body na!

Also, I want to say

In all of the material, the linen is the most luxurious, different levels of bad days to do, the owner personally test,

Poor linen worn with your naked hiding in the weeds heap feeling is the same.

Do not be cheap to buy low price of linen clothing. Even if you are not in the shop to buy,

The owner also sincerely hope that you do not go buy those linen trousers obviously does not meet the normal cost!

== ==== Following dimensions

28M (2 feet 2 to 4)
30L (2 feet 3 to 5)
32XL (2 feet 4 to 6)
34XXL (2 feet 5 to 7)
36XXXL (2 feet 6 to 9 feet)