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Polarizing Filters | Filters

Polarizing Filters | Filters
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Product parameters:

  • Bayonet Size: 37mm 40.5mm 43mm 46mm 49mm 52mm 55mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm 86mm 86mm and above
  • Brand: WTIANYA
  • Model: Thin CPL
  • Filter Type: Polarization Filter
  • Color classification: thin frame (send lens paper + anti-lost rope)

Pro attention, attention, because there is no 95MM Taobao background system size. So '86MM and above' this is 95MM yo. Please pro in the shoot, pay attention to yo. Do not make a mistake. It will be wrong. Pro wrong with no way to use the pro.


1, the use of polarized light, due to the need to turn the filter, inconvenient to use hood, should try to make the camera in the shadow of shooting;
2, in the installation of the polarizer, the lens will reduce the amount of light, (that is, can also be equivalent to ND4 with optical filter to use.
3, the polarizer CPL and reflective surface (glass or water) into a 30-40 degree angle in the use of the elimination of the reflective side can get the maximum effect, and 90 degrees (straight to the reflective surface) use little or no effect.
4, in order to increase the concentration of blue sky, when the sun in the sky at 30-40 degrees angle, and the camera when the polarizer to get the maximum effect of sunlight (in the case of the sun) in the sun at the head or with the ground results 90 degree angle, then the effect of polarized light microscope at least ... These effects from the camera's viewing window is easy to see. Check the effect simply turn the polarizer.

Some questions and answers about using CPL:

1. The image is blurry after using the polarizer.

A: If the indoor lighting is insufficient, it will prompt focus failure, you can recommend to allow guests to compare the light enough place to try the next.

2.CPL use of the scope and occasions:

1). Eliminate stray light;

2) Dimming effect;

3) Eliminate water reflection;

4) Let the blue sky more blue, more water type;

5). Eliminate airborne dust in the air, making the transparency better.

3. The light or angle used by CPL

1). Shun Kwong - good

Diffuse light - good

3). Backlight - Medium

4) with the sun was 90 degrees angle (opposite the sun) - good

5) with the sun at a 45 degree angle - good

6). Against the sun or accessories - poor

4. How can I see if the CPL is rotating?

A: When the subject surface of the subject is removed by stray light (half or all), usually a little darker.

5.CPL will not aging?

A: Although it will be but not very obvious, in general, with a 10-year should not be a problem.

6. Do I need to remove the UV mirror when using CPL?

A: The more the lens will have more refraction phenomenon. The best removed, so less prone to vignetting.

7. Polarizer how to turn?

It is best to turn counterclockwise, turn clockwise will be more loose, and may even lead to polarizer fall.