Dixi Ou 24/26 inch Fixed Gear Bike | Male and female students cycling road bike down brake living dead fly fly

Dixi Ou 24/26 inch Fixed Gear Bike | Male and female students cycling road bike down brake living dead fly fly

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Winter 2014
  • Brake Type: coaster brake
  • Brand: DESEO / Dixi Ou
  • Are malls the same paragraph: No
  • Color Classification: Color [01] [02] The second generation 60 color knife black and white colors [04] [05] [06 color] [color] [No. 07 Color No. 08 Color 60 second-generation black knife red color No. [10] [11] 168 yuan [color No. 12 color normal quality second-generation 60 knife white and black color [Tai Chi] second-generation second-generation black 60 silver knife blade 60 on the 16th black and fluorescent yellow color [ [17] [18] No color color] [color] on the 19th second-generation 60 knife black Bianchi rainbow colors to [] [] [40 Leopard colors to the color of the knife 1 inch [24] No. 1 to 30 Remarks photographed a few numbers color
  • Product Number: deseo001
  • Size: 46CM (165CM-170CM)
  • Frame Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Suitable for: Neutral

God please quietly car dead fly away to a friend's recommendation buyers

On the Internet there are many more than 100 yuan a bicycle, a look into are the no-name hubs, defective tire. Is just to attract everyone's attention, we will never do such a thing.

Our new product promotion, decided to use high-quality and low price of new and old customers, 192 yuan is not only equipped with solid licensing of hubs, and with Europe Lun color tire (most of the country free shipping), Each configuration Lower than the average price of the whole network 100 yuan So, of course, we certainly lose money, the price will not last forever, baby popularity price will be raised, needless to say, you know how to do ... ...

You pro attention Oh: This is a dead fly inverted brake section of our home Dixi Ou Oh (Suitable for beginners dead fly, could glide, is the next step on the brake safety factor is high, it is recommended!) If parents who want to ride down / live fly models, please contact customer service for a customer to find a link oh

Treasurer lengthy presentation, understand the product quality of the most direct way is to look at the customer reviews. Buy can immediately determine whether it is worth!!! (Bicycle product description, all colleagues to imitate us, except to remind parents who see evaluation to identify products and services that they can not replicate, and why? Because if they read comments, they sell defective products and services rotten thing is exposed, they will not buy the things their home.)