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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Photosynthesis
  • Model: GH-100AHTMN0305
  • Suitable for: lighting

Rated voltage: 12V

Rated capacity: 100AH

Reference Size: Length 330mm Width 173mm Height 217mm Total Height 225mm

Reference weight: 30.5KG

Seller Reminder: OUR weight greater than 10KG baby or fragile goods, the default mode of transport are freight, need to pick up!

As the product batch is not the same, slightly different appearance, delivery time to warehouse existing products shall prevail.

1) Installation, use and maintenance process, the battery shall not be short-circuit, not inverted use, should use insulating tools, and with insulated gloves to prevent electric shock and cause a short circuit.

2) battery abnormalities, should be handled by professionals or contact with the manufacturer, prohibited unauthorized removal and maintenance.

3) The product should be charged in a dedicated charging system, charging system, the DC output voltage fluctuations should not be more than one percent positive and negative.

4) Prohibit the use of gasoline, thinner and other organic solvents to clean the battery, otherwise it will damage the battery shell.

5) Long time overcharge (overcharge) will shorten the battery life; long time too low charging (not enough) will affect the load work or lead to voltage anomalies. (Red), negative (black) charging clip corresponding to the battery folder, do not reverse. Charge, the first turn off the power switch, then take the battery clip.

Emergency power, emergency lights, lawn lamps, toy cars, parking locks, access control systems, power systems, non-powered batteries.

1) special Production process and structural design, battery safety and sealing.

2) maintenance-free: gas re-combination system can produce the gas and then combined into water, adsorption-type fiber separator, no compensation in the life of electro-hydraulic.

3) low self-discharge: the use of special corrosion-resistant lead-calcium alloy made of the grid, the self-discharge control, room temperature 25 ℃ storage, can be within six months do not need to add electricity.

4) Temperature: -30 ° C to 40 ° C

5) Installation: According to the user's requirements to put, lying to install the way.

6) longevity design: the use of corrosion-resistant structure of heavy lead-calcium alloy plate, the battery float life.

1) the battery and between the battery and DC power supply connections are loose, corrosion, damage and other phenomena, if necessary, to repair.

2) Whether the battery is damaged, leakage and other anomalies, if necessary, be replaced.

3) The battery charging voltage and discharge capacity is within the normal range, if necessary, the battery charge and discharge cycle testing.

4) the battery shall not be close to open flame or high temperature heat source, is strictly prohibited in the sun direct exposure; shall not be placed in sealed containers, should be kept well ventilated.

5) If the electrolyte dip to the skin, clothing should be immediately rinse with plenty of water, serious to immediately seek medical attention.

6) The battery is a new product. Should a high charge (overcharge) phenomenon, it is recommended to use multi-meter detection voltage is normal, if the voltage is 0, then said voltage over-discharge, requiring professionals with high-pressure gun activation ; If the original rated voltage, then the battery is normal, may be chargers or other equipment affected.

7) Because the battery model specifications too. If you need different specifications, please contact online customer service. To create homogeneous low-cost, freight from the mention (courier companies do not receive the battery)