Lead-acid batteries can 12V250AH photosynthetic silicon solar maintenance-free battery | VRLA UPS backup power

Lead-acid batteries can 12V250AH photosynthetic silicon solar maintenance-free battery | VRLA UPS backup power

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: photosynthetic silicon can
  • Model: GHGN-Q12V250AH
  • Suitable for: lighting

Model: 12V250AH

Size: 522 * 240 * 218 * 240mm (L * W * H)

Weight: 56KG

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1) maintenance-free design

Use valve-regulated design, effectively ensure that the battery does not leak (seepage) liquid, mist-free, non-corrosive, and gas generated during charging is absorbed substantially reduced to the electrolyte, when used without adding water, rehydration and electrolyte measurement proportion

2) long life

Grid and alloy design, effective against plate corrosion; high-current discharge characteristics, charging performance, deep discharge recovery capabilities, increasing the battery life float design life of more long (25 ℃)..

3) minimal self-discharge current

Design of high purity material, self-discharge current is small, the capacity loss caused by self-discharge is less than four percent per month, reduce the maintenance work of battery storage time.

4) Wide operating temperature range

The battery can even work at -20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ under a wider range of temperature conditions, the battery internal resistance than conventional batteries in a temperature range of -20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ of large current discharge, the output power ratio with the specifications of conventional open batteries is high.

5) Good batch of

New design techniques and tightness, voltage, capacity and safety tests, so that mass production of cells with good, especially for applications that require multiple batteries in series occasions, such as UPS power back-up battery pack, inverter battery backup and other groups.

6) Reasonable installation and structural design

Overall structural design, easy installation and removal, easy to maintain, saving the user cost.

Power systems, security systems, medical equipment, marine systems, telephone and telecommunications equipment, test machine, a radio transceiver, a banking system, uninterruptible power supply, railway locomotives, railway communications, emergency lighting systems, small lamps, computers and large UPS backup power, fire protection systems and uninterruptible power supply security and defense systems, electronic equipment and other standby power, non-power battery.

1) the battery terminals can not be short-circuited, shell prohibited crashing, charging and discharging process to maintain upright display, the battery can not be placed in a honey closed space, ventilation must be maintained

2) Try to use constant current constant voltage battery charger

3) too long charging (overcharging) will shorten the battery life;.. The charging time is too low (not enough) affects the load of work or cause abnormal voltage charging with constant current limiting charger Never parallel charging, otherwise it will shorten battery life. when the charge must first charger positive (red) and negative (black) charging the battery clip corresponding to the clip, do not reverse. after charging, turn off the power switch, and then take the battery clip

4) Battery discharge static electricity to add three months to keep the battery fully charged is a good method of preservation

5) Do not put the battery near the fire place or incinerate the battery, the battery can not be decomposed transformation.