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New genuine huawei Huawei S3700-28TP-SI-AC three-tier network management 24-port 100M switch 2SFP

New genuine huawei Huawei S3700-28TP-SI-AC three-tier network management 24-port 100M switch 2SFP
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Huawei S3700-28TP-SI (AC ...
  • Brand: Huawei / Huawei
  • Model: S3700-28TP-SI (AC)
  • Gross weight: 5KG
  • Condition: New
  • Transmission speed: 10Mbps 100Mbps
  • Switch Type: Ethernet switch
  • Number of interfaces: 28
  • Whether to support VLAN: support
  • Stackable: Stackable
  • After-sales service: Genius

Item S3700-SI * S3700-EI * S3700-HI *
Port description Fast port S3700-28TP-EI / S3700-28TP-SI / S3700-28TP-PWR-EI / S3700-28TP-EI-MC: 24 * 10 / 100Base-TX S3700-52P-EI / S3700-52P-SI / S3700 24Base-T S3700-28TP-EI-24S: 24 * 100Base-FX S3700-52P-EI-24S: 24 * 10 / 100Base- 52P-EI-48S: 48 * 100Base-FX S3700-26C-HI: 22 10 / 100Base-T
Gigabit ports 2 * 1000Base-X, 2 * 1000Base-X: 2 * 1000Base-X, 2 * GE Combo SI / EI 52 devices: 2 * 100 / 1000Base-X, 2 * 1000Base-X S3700-26C-HI: 2 * GE Combo
Expansion slots The S3700-26C-HI provides an expansion slot for upstream cards
MAC address table Follow IEEE 802.1d standard
Supports 16K MAC address table
Support MAC address automatic learning and aging
Supports static, dynamic, blackhole MAC entries
Source MAC address filtering is supported
Supports 32K MAC address table
Other with the EI
VLAN features Supports 4K VLANs
Guest VLAN, and voice VLAN
Supports VLANs based on MAC / protocol / IP subnets
QinQ is supported
It supports selective QinQ
Support 1: 1 and N: 1 VLAN Mapping function
reliability Support RRPP ring topology, support for intersecting rings and multi-instance functions, fault protection switching time of less than 50ms Support SmartLink tree topology and SmartLink multi-instance to provide the main and backup links in millisecond protection Support STP (IEEE 802.1d) RSTP (IEEE 802.1w) and MSTP (IEEE 802.1s) Protocol Support ERPS Ethernet Ring Protection Protocol (G.8032) (S3700-26C-HI support) BPDU protection, root protection and loopback protection Intelligent Ethernet protection SEP Ethernet Protection)
N / A It supports BFD for OSPF / ISIS / VRRP / PIM
IP routing Static routes, RIP v1 / v2, ECMP
N / A OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP
IPv6 features Support ND (Neighbor Discovery)
PMTU support
Support IPv6 Ping, IPv6 Tracert and IPv6 Telnet
Manual tunnel configuration is supported
Support 6to4 tunnel
ISATAP tunnel support
It supports ACLs based on source IPv6 address, destination IPv6 address, Layer 4 port, and protocol type
Supports MLD v1 / v2 snooping (Multicast Listener Discovery snooping)
Multicast Supports 1K multicast groups
IGMP v1 / v2 / v3 snooping and fast leave mechanism are supported
It supports multicast VLAN and cross-VLAN multicast replication
Multicast load balancing is supported on bundled ports
Based on controllable multicast
Port-Based Multicast Traffic Statistics
Supports 2K multicast groups
Other with the EI
N / A IGMP v1 / v2 / v3, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, and PIM-SSM
QoS / ACL You can limit the rate of receiving and sending packets on a port
Supports packet redirection
Supports port-based traffic policing and supports two-speed and three-color CAR functions
Each port supports eight priority queues
Supports WRR, DRR, SP, WRR + SP, DRR + SP queue scheduling algorithm
Support WRED (S3700-26C-HI support)
802.1p and DSCP priorities of packets are re-marked
Supports L2 (Layer 2) to L4 (Layer 4) packet filtering, and provides the illegal frame filtering based on source MAC addresses, destination MAC addresses, source IP addresses, destination IP addresses, ports, protocols, and VLANs.
Supports queue-based rate limit and port shaping
Security features User hierarchical management and password protection
Support to prevent DOS, ARP anti-attack, ICMP anti-attack function
Support IP, MAC, port, VLAN combination of binding
Support port isolation, port security, Sticky MAC
Supports black hole MAC address
Supports MAC address learning limit
Support IEEE 802.1x authentication, support single-port user limit
Support AAA authentication, support Radius, HWTACACS and other means
Supports SSH V2.0
Support CPU protection function
Supports black and white lists
Lightning protection capability Service port lightning protection capacity: 6KV (PoE type equipment business port lightning protection capacity 1KV)
Management and maintenance Supports intelligent stacking (except S3700-26C-HI)
Supports MFF
Support Telnet remote configuration and maintenance
Support automatic configuration function
Support VCT virtual cable test (Virtual Cable Test)
Support for Ethernet OAM (802.3ah and 802.1ag)
Support Dying gasp function (S3700-28TP-EI-MC-AC and S3700-26C-HI support)
Supports port mirroring and RSPAN (remote port mirroring)
Support SNMPv1 / v2 / v3; Support RMON
Support MUX VLAN features; support GVRP protocol
Support eSight network management system, support WEB management features
Support automatic configuration, cluster management HGMP
Supports SSH V2
Support HTTPS (S3700-26C-HI support) Support 802.3az energy efficiency Ethernet EEE (S3700-26C-HI support)
Environmental requirements Long-term working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ Short-term working temperature: - 5 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ Relative humidity: 10% ~ 90% (no condensation)
power supply AC:
Rated voltage range: 100 ~ 240V AC; 50 / 60Hz
Voltage range: 90 ~ 264V AC; 50 / 60Hz
Rated voltage range: -48 ~ -60V DC
Voltage range: -36 ~ -72V DC
Note: PoE models without DC power supply
Dimensions mm (wide times; deep times; high) S3700-28TP-SI / EI, S3700-28TP-EI-MC, S3700-28TP-EI-24S, S3700-52P-SI / EI, S3700-26C-HI: 442times;
S3700-28TP-PWR-EI, S3700-52P-EI-48S, S3700-52P-EI-24S, S3700-52P-PWR-EI: 442times;
weight S3700-28TP-SIlt; 2.5Kg
S3700-52P-SIlt; 3Kg
S3700-28TP-EIlt; 2.5Kg
S3700-28TP-EI-MClt; 2.5 Kg
S3700-28TP-EI-24Slt; 2.6Kg
S3700-52P-EIlt; 3Kg
S3700-52P-EI-24Slt; 4.8Kg
S3700-52P-EI-48Slt; 4.8Kg
S3700-28TP-PWR-EIlt; 4Kg
(Without power supply module)
S3700-52P-PWR-EIlt; 4.3 Kg
(Without power supply module)
S3700-26C-HIlt; 3.3KG
(Without power supply module)
Power consumption S3700-28TP-SIlt; 20W
S3700-52P-SIlt; 38W
S3700-28TP-EIlt; 20W
S3700-28TP-EI-MClt; 20W
S3700-28TP-EI-24Slt; 52W
S3700-52P-EIlt; 38W
S3700-52P-EI-24Slt; 65W
S3700-52P-EI-48Slt; 90W
S3700-28TP-PWR-EI <818W
(PoE: 740W)
S3700-52P-PWR-EI <880W
(PoE: 740W)
S3700-26C-HIlt; 50W