North Asura SE Soccer ps3 notebook usb computer 360 wired pc game controller NBA2K17

North Asura SE Soccer ps3 notebook usb computer 360 wired pc game controller NBA2K17

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: BETOP / Beitong BTP-2175
  • Brand: BETOP / North pass
  • North through the handle: BTP-2175
  • Wireless: Wired
  • Suitable for: android platform
  • Color Category: Mirror Black to send the handle bag bag mirror white handle bag to send light to send light to send the black bag Hyun light white handle bag
  • Handle characteristics: vibration
  • Interface type: USB

Driver instructions

Win7, win8 system (such as Lite) need to install the driver, driver download link :, you can refer to the product comes with product brochures.

Note: download the driver decompression installation process, if you are prompted to drive inside the system, remember not to install, if the installation becomes unloaded.

one , Andrews BFM mode: stand by All kinds of mainstream set - top boxes, mobile phones, flat panel, TV, need Andrews 4.0 and above, Andrews platform without setting, plug and play (handle indicator for the D-A light and D-D light at the same time).

two , X360 mode: stand by Ported to the PC on the X360 type of game : Such as FIFA Online 3, watchdog, free football, GTA5, NBA 2K, Huoying 3, Devil May Cry 5, Speed ​​17/18, Assassin 3, Tomb 9, Mission 9, Persia 5, Force 2, Dust 3, The king of hyun, dark descent 2 and so no simulation software, plug and playHandle indicator for the P light and X light at the same time).

three , PC mode : stand by Mainstream simulator games, (P-light and D-A (D-D) light at the same time light), the traditional PC games (handle indicator light for the P light and D-A (D-D) light).

four, PS3 mode: stand by Sony PS3 console, mass of any game you play (handle indicator light is P).

The north of the ASUO handle the middle of the LOGO button is the mode switch button, long press 5-10 seconds to switch mode. Short press the LOGO button in PC mode is the joystick and switch between the cross key.

Original North Asura silicone cover (Color: white, blue, light black) Quality problems postage answer: Handle three months replacement, 1 year warranty. Determine the product has an objective failure of the case, 7 days we bear the return shipping, If it is to return to the buyer where the first advance postage, confirmed, we will follow the standard Taobao freight insurance hit the buyer's PayPal. 8 days -Within 1 month of buyers and sellers to bear the postage.

Appearance Question Answer: White and black handle surface are polished, are mirror shell, a closer look may have wear marks (scratches), and some to buy a variety of colors and the color of the product, Home will mistakenly believe that the factory after the artificial scratches, in fact, this is the reason for the mirror design, the product is sealed with the seal factory, official website can be inquired.North through the official phone: 4006754300 , Please familiar!

Cross-directional key answers: North pass Asura's direction keys for the eight-way button, if you use the arrow keys to control the direction, when you control the direction of the force if the upper or lower side of the situation will have left upper left lower right upper right below the recommended part of the habit of using the cross button Play live friends switch to control the direction of rocker.

Gamepad Other solutions: Not every game supports the handle (such as CS, Warcraft, playing mahjong, and so does not support), the handle game is only part of the game.Grip is a passive device, only in the game to support the premise, can play the handle Of course, you can also use other keyboard and mouse simulation software Such as : Flash excellent. Do not support the handle itself to simulate the game. Youku video flashing video teaching, interested can go and see.

Friends Tips : Warranty period, please do not open the handle, otherwise the official does not give the warranty! (Instructions for use see the factory manual)