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Iphone 5S tempered glass film | 5s foil | Apple 5 mobile phone film | 5S protective film | galvanized steel film

Iphone 5S tempered glass film | 5s foil | Apple 5 mobile phone film | 5S protective film | galvanized steel film
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  • Brand: Realplay / Ruipo
  • Model Number: 309875
  • Material: Others
  • '5 / 5S / 5C', '5 / 5S / 5C', with transparent edge film, 5 / 5S 'Transparent back film straight edge' Gift Pack '' 5 / 5S 'Transparent back film arc edge' Gift Pack 'Li Bao refers to' dust plug + button paste + dust plug ''

What is a tempered glass membrane?

Know the answer no more than a thousand people!

A glass precipitate in the nitrate (KNO3) significantly increases the density of the glass surface while also increasing its strength. The increase in density can improve the scratch resistance. 2012 in the United States recently introduced tempered glass protective film, specifically forIPhone 4 / iPhone5 and the design of high-tech protective film, is the iPhone screen to strengthen the protection of the most high-end new products.This protective layer thickness of only 0.3 mm, iphone screen surface can be completely covered to prevent damage by external forces, Scratches, but also increased the impact of absorption, higher than the standard PET film 5 times.

Chinese people should use the best thing!

The use of enhanced glass film five effects

First, strong anti-scratch, wear-resistant 9H (other quality of the best film, the wear level is only 3H, not too long have to replace the film that is using a utility knife or tool in the above scraping does not produce traces , The use of a long time limit.)

Second, the explosion-proof screen, drop-proof, anti-bacterial, anti-glare, radiation

Third, high sensitivity touch, the screen transmittance of up to 98% to prevent the harm of electronic waves on the human body.

Fourth, the picture is clear, highlight the three-dimensional sense, improve visual effects

5, prolonged use of eye fatigue, better protection of eyesight. Does not affect the use of other mobile phone accessories. (Strength test by ball brop test 130g steel ball / 40cm, bending 6kg / f)

6, not because of a long time and metamorphic, not like other stickers to leave a corrosive adhesive on the screen surface, safe and reliable. Can be repeatedly pasted, without leaving any traces, non-corrosive surface.

Explosion-proof membrane: even if the glass is broken will not be crushed into a small piece of sharp. Will not cause any harm to the human body and mobile phones.