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Notebook brand keyboard | Lenovo ThinkPadE431 E430 E440 E450 E460 E465 E470C

Notebook brand keyboard | Lenovo ThinkPadE431 E430 E440 E450 E460 E465 E470C
Product code: 33151600030
Unit price 1.09-1.51$
Sold quantity 47236
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: books stickers
  • Color classification: F1-F12 icon may be different cartoon bear powder colorful black colorful blue purple semi-permeable blue pink semi-transparent purple red transparent powder blue semi-transparent black transparent red transparent red
  • Item No .: E430

Applicable Model: T440S, T440S, T440P, T440, E440, L440, L450, L560, L460, S440, E455, E450, E455, E4, E460, E465, X1 YOGA, S2, NEW S2, T460, T460S, T460P, X1 Carbon 2016, YOGA 460 E470

Description: Please check whether your keyboard and the following pictures before the purchase. If not, please contact the treasurer.

Good pro, in the purchase of color film before you carefully read the following text, thank you!
1: keyboard film is basically the main type, because to reduce the thickness of the use of the keyboard caused by the impact, if too thick will become armor clothing, will affect the touch and the smooth use of the keyboard.
2: we are worried about whether the keyboard film to match this problem, the buyer can view the shop description of the matching model, check our notebook keyboard standard picture, once again explain the notebook keyboard F1-F12 FN combination icon and some Function keys because the configuration of different batches may not be the same, but because of manufacturing and other reasons we introduced the keyboard with a general only one printed version, if these patterns are different, do not do for the different reasons for the style, care about friends before buying Think about it. We do not have a printed version, the market is also less than the basic purchase.If you have the function keys printed on the logo is higher, it is recommended to buy transparent keyboard film, you can see the icon on the keyboard.
3: As the display will be color cast, so no matter which store in kind and picture color will be different, the color requirements of the special high shot.
4: In addition to the type of check, but also please carefully look at the model of the new models and the old section of the points to determine which is a keyboard film. (Some of the same models with some new models and the old section of the points, please and Link to publish pictures carefully contrast) to buy a lot of customers repeatedly to determine whether to match the delay of the customer's time also affect the customer's feelings in this we guarantee that we issued the style and the customer photographed the style if not the same (in this style is That is, the size of the ammonium key is not the same, the color was wrong, but the color of the photo has a dark color difference is not included in this column), replacement postage by our commitment. If the customer is wrong models or not mentioned new, old models do not match, We can only say that apology, the need for customers to bear the replacement postage.

5, Some notebook models of different models of the keyboard is the same, because the keyboard is the same mold, but the label on the packaging to play so many models, so pro do not think that the wrong goods Oh, sent to you Must be applied to your notebook that film, please rest assured that use.