Lenovo notebook stickers ThinkPadE431 E430 L440 T430 E440 T450 E450 keyboard membrane

Lenovo notebook stickers ThinkPadE431 E430 L440 T430 E440 T450 E450 keyboard membrane

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: books posted
  • Color Classification: F1-F12 may be different icons cartoon bear pink black colorful colorful blue and purple translucent blue translucent pink translucent purple Rose powder blue translucent red translucent black transparent black
  • Item No: E430

[Buy 2 Buy 3 get 2 gift gift] (transparent membrane keyboard, cleaning kit, dust plugs, buy two optional one gift to buy three optional two gifts) gifts to leave a message, no message random hair .

1, due to a keyboard membrane keyboard layout to apply the same few models, so the function keys (F1-F12) printing is no guarantee that (all color keyboard membrane have this problem), frequently used functions buyers can buy transparent membrane keyboard.

2, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui hair Huitong, Shen Tong, Tong, Huitong other areas hair, in the pass.

Compatible Models: Lenovo ThinkPadThinkPad X230, W530, L430, T430, T430i, T430S, T530 ThinkPad E430, E430C, E435, E330, E335, S430, L330, T430U.E431 X230I,E450,E455, S3, E460, T460

Explanation: Make sure before you buy and see if your keyboard is the same as the following picture as inconsistent, please contact the treasurer.

Good pro, before purchasing a color filter, please read the following text, thank you!
1: basic keyboard membrane with thin mainly because you want to maximize the reduction of the thickness caused by using the keyboard on, if it will become too thick armored clothing, will affect the smooth feel and use the keyboard.
2: keyboard film we are most worried match this problem, the buyer can view the shop matching the description of the model, check the laptop keyboard standard image we provide. Again, FN combination and notebook keyboard icon on the F1-F12 Some function keys because there is lots of different configurations may be different, but the former keyboard film because manufacturers and other reasons we have put forward a general with only a printed version, if these different patterns, styles of different reasons to do, care about friends to buy need to think about it. we do not have a printed version of the market is basically not buy. If you printed icons on the function keys are higher, the proposed purchase of the transparent membrane keyboard, you can see the icon on the keyboard.
3: Since there will be a display color cast, so regardless of which store physical and pictures color will have a different, particularly high color requirements carefully shot.
4: In addition to the model check, also please parents who look carefully control the new and the old section of the points of the model, which is to finalize a keyboard membrane (the same model with a new and older have some points, please. pictures and links careful comparison) many customers purchase repeated again and again determine if a match delayed customer time also affects the mood of customers. here we guarantee, style and customer we sent photographed style if not the same (in this style refers to ammonium key sample sizes, the color was wrong, but the photographs with color shades of color not included), the replacement postage borne by us. If the customer being given a new model or notes do not match the old lead, here we can only say sorry, customers themselves need replacement postage.

5, Some different types of notebook keyboard membrane is the same, because the keyboard is the same mold, but not finish so many models on the label on the package, so that parents who do not send the wrong goods, oh, to you, you it must be suitable for the film goes on your notebook, and ease of use.