Notebook keyboard stickers | Lenovo ThinkPadE431 E430 T430 E440 E450 E460 E465

Notebook keyboard stickers | Lenovo ThinkPadE431 E430 T430 E440 E450 E460 E465

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: books posted
  • Color Category: F1-F12 icon may be different cartoon bear powder pink colorful black and blue purplish semi-transparent blue pink semi-transparent purple rose red translucent powder blue semi-transparent black translucent red black
  • Item No .: E430

Buy 2 gifts to buy 3 get 2 gift '(transparent keyboard film, cleaning kit, dust plug, buy 2 of the optional 1 gift, buy 3 of the optional 2 gifts) gifts need to leave a message, .

As a keyboard membrane to the same layout of several models, so the function keys (F1-F12) printing icon and spacing will be different (keyboard membrane generally have this problem).

Applicable Model: T440S, T450P, T440P, T440, E440, L440, L450, L560, L460, S440, E455, E450, E455, E460, E465, X1 YOGA, S2, NEW S2, T460, T460S, T460P, X1 Carbon 2016, YOGA 460

Description: Please check before buying your keyboard is the same as the following picture. If inconsistent please contact dispensers.

Pro Well, before you buy color film, please read the following text, thank you!
1: the keyboard film to thin-based, because to minimize the thickness of the impact on the use of the keyboard, if too thick will become armored clothing, will affect the smooth feel and keyboard use.
2: We are most worried about whether the keyboard membrane to match this problem, the buyer can view our instructions in the matching model, check the standard notebook we provide a standard picture, once again explain the notebook keyboard F1-F12 FN combination of icons and Some function keys because the allocation of different batches may not be the same, but because of manufacturing and other reasons we introduced a keyboard film with a generally only a printed version, if the pattern is different, not as a different reason for the style, care about friends buy We do not have a printed version, the market is basically not buy.If you are on the function keys printed on the icon requires a higher, it is recommended to buy transparent keyboard film, you can see the icon on the keyboard.
3: As the monitor will be color cast, so no matter which store the physical and picture colors will be different, the color of the special requirements of high-precision shot.
4: In addition to model checking, please also carefully control the models of the new and old models of the points, to finally determine which keyboard membrane (with the same model some of the new and old models, please And link release pictures carefully contrast) to buy a lot of customers to determine whether the match to delay the customer's time also affected the mood of customers in this we guarantee that we sent the style and customer photographed if not the same style (in this style Refers to the size of the ammonium button is not the same, the color was wrong, but the photo color depth of color is not in this column), replacement postage borne by us if the customer is the wrong model or not note the new and old models do not match, In this we can only say that an apology, the need for customers to replace their own postage.

5, Some notebook models of the keyboard membrane is the same, because the keyboard mold is the same, but the label on the packaging so many models, so parents do not think that the wrong goods, oh, to you, Must be applied to your notebook goes on the membrane, please rest assured that use.