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Nikon SLR Camera Bag D90 D7000 D5600 D3400 D5500 D5300 Triangle Camera Bag

Nikon SLR Camera Bag D90 D7000 D5600 D3400 D5500 D5300 Triangle Camera Bag
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Nikon / Nikon
  • Model: Portable package
  • Color Classification: D3000 sets of machine + anti-lost rope D3400 sets of machines + anti-lost rope D3100 sets of machines + anti-lost rope D50 sets of machines + lost rope ▲ ▲ camera bag + belt + lost rope D3200 sets of machines + Machine + anti-lost rope D5300 sets of machine + anti-lost rope D5000 sets of machines + anti-lost rope D5500 sets of machines + lost lost rope D80 sets of machines + lost rope D5100 sets of machines + lost rope D70 sets of machines + + Anti-lost rope D5200 sets of machines + anti-lost rope D70s sets of machines + anti-lost rope D7000 sets of machines + anti-lost rope D3300 kit +
  • Style: multi-purpose design
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Style: Simple

Most parts of the country 包邮 (Hong Kong, Macao, Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, with the exception)

Name: Nikon original lightweight triangle package

Color: blue

Name of the goods or taxable goods: dk-21

For Nikon models are as follows:

D40 + 18-55 D40X + 18-55 D60 + 18-55

D50 + 18-55 D70s + 18-70 D80 + 18-135

D90 + 18-105 D90 + 16-85 D90 + 18-200

D7000 + 18-105 D7000 + 16-85 D7000 + 18-140

D5300 + 18-55 D5300 + 18-105 D5300 + 18-140 D3000 + 18-55 D3100 + 18-55 D3100 + 18-105

D3200 + 18-55 D3200 + 18-105

D5000 + 18-55 D5000 + 18-105

D5100 + 18-55 D5100 + 18-105

D5200 + 18-55 D5200 + 18-105

D3300 + 18-55 D3300 + 18-105

D3400 + 18-55 D3400 + 18-140

D5500 + 18-55 D5500 + 18-105


D800, D800, D800, D800, D810 users do not shoot, inappropriate! Can find customer service to consult their appropriate models! Accidentally shot the return shipping pays Oh!

Carry the way: Kua waist, Shoulin, hatchback

Internal dimensions approx:Look down at the actual map

External dimensions: about 22 cm high, 18 cm wide, 11 cm thick

Internal dimensions: about high (deep) 17.5 cm, width 16 cm, 10 cm thick

Suitable for camera body + total length of the lens in 17 cm or less of the SLR camera.

Color: dark blue shooting angle and technical issues, may be a slight color, can be ignored, please give understanding.

The total length of strap: 88CM

word description:

Package on both sides of a small pocket, you can put some small accessories.Open the package, the design of human nature.This package is quite thick, your machine can be very comfortable to live in. Are together with the Nikon goods to ensure genuine, Imitation of the package can not be compared with the original, please buy the time to see Oh!

2, other regions can only send in through, Shen Tong. Huitong Express to the place, in the courier can not pass the! 2, Place, need to contact the actual logistics to make up the difference between the customer service make up the freight.Not make up the price difference will not be able to deliver goods.Thanks the support and the understanding!

We are selling this package is Nikon D5300 size for several models of the design, the size of the package for the vast majority of Nikon SLR.Printed with the factory D5300, This package is the code! Is this one! Our details are listed in a lot of models not to say that Nikon out of many models of the package, we are to facilitate your order to buy!

The following blue triangle package real shot map

The following picture shows the belt with a reinforcement with the model, if you need belt, you can purchase directly in the options.

The following is a detailed view

The following is the effect of waterproof cover map after the camera bag on the renderings,