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DIY combination border iPhone6 ​​plus phone shell Apple 6 plus protective cover | candy color

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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover texture: plastic
  • Style: Border type
  • Color Classification: white under the box 'i6-5.5 white on the box' i6-5.5 mint green under the box 'i6-5.5 mint green on the box' i6-5.5 orange under the box 'i6-5.5 orange on the box' i6-5.5 pink under the box 'I6-5.5 pink on the box' i6-5.5 fruit green under the box 'i6-5.5 green on the box' i6-5.5 black under the box 'i6-5.5 black on the box' i6-5.5 yellow on the box 'i6-5.5 yellow Box 'i6-5.5 rose red under the box' i6-5.5 rose red on the box 'i6-5.5 light purple on the box' i6-5.5 light purple under the box 'i6-5.5 silver under the box' i6-5.5 silver on the box 'i6- 5.5
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • For mobile phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone6 ​​plus
  • Brand: Arsenal
  • Model: 6 plusDIY border

DIY combination of border
The upper and lower borders with a variety of random color combinations hit color
Solid border is too common no new ideas
You can fight against the color according to the various requirements of a different patchwork color effect
Supported models: iPhone6plus
(Note: need to shoot more than two, have a combination effect, is a complete set of Oh. For example: mint on the box, we only made on the box, you need to take a box, to combination Oh ~ ~)
Does not support iPhone6splus