Give me a believe, but also you a few hat! Hat stock tens of thousands of pieces, each child garbage bag

Give me a believe, but also you a few hat! Hat stock tens of thousands of pieces, each child garbage bag

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2013 summer
  • Style: wool hat / knitted hat
  • Size: See details carefully Oh!
  • Crowns style: high-top
  • Hat style: beanie
  • The main material: Cotton
  • Crowd: General
  • Brand: K. V. P
  • Style details: letters
  • Color Classification: Small Fukubukuro (knit cap) a small Fukubukuro 2 (scarves) in each child a (knitted hats + baseball cap) 2-3 Big Top each child (knitted hats + baseball cap) 4-5 top super package (knit cap + baseball cap + Scarf)
  • Item: 20110919-1

Small Fukubukuro: knit hat (colors, styles, sent at random)

Small Fukubukuro 2: Scarves (Colors, styles, sent at random)
In each child: knitted hat baseball caps + (Colors, styles, sent at random)

Big Fukubukuro: knitted hats + baseball cap altogether 4-5 top (Color and style, random send)

Super Pack: Great Fukubukuro + scarf (Colors, styles, sent at random)

You are not wrong, we have to sell is indeed a bag of garbage. Of course, the 'junk' species here a lot, probably a baseball cap, may be a stylish knit hat, no camera may be a necessary solitary hat may be likely;?????!!!! you may also receive a bag of rubbish really, if you luck back then. Rules of the game: You do not ask what I have inside me kill you do not say. In short, we sell you buy, it is definitely a surprise

The only event like this game friends to participate, regardless of all goods shop, please do not compared with 10 yuan as With friends wanted 200 yuan hat psychological please Piaoyuan.....

The first part of the evaluation and recording of sales

It makes life exciting, Because life is full of strange variables ~~~

And here, to provide you with this variable is expected to bring the color ~~~

Even the disappointment is an emotional ~~~

So, this is just a game ~~~

There are a number of other shops from high school to a small idea, huh ~~~

I will shop owner some merchandise include: Lag

Sell ​​products, never even been added to the product

{Baseball caps, knitted hats, children's hats} Mounted in the package sales.

Both can help us ease the pressure on stocks ~~~

It can bring to your computer before a surprise ~~~

I think it is a very good idea!

I'm sure the owner:

You receive the product to ensure that single-handedly, and other non-customer returned product;

Even if true junk, it will be a new garbage; products are not necessarily expensive

Heavy, but it will be very pleasantly surprised; each pack trash, (Winter knit cap, baseball cap summer there will be) ,

It may be more than, more and more to satisfy your curiosity!