Give me a believe, but also your hat! Tens of thousands of pieces of inventory hats, bags of garbage bags

Give me a believe, but also your hat! Tens of thousands of pieces of inventory hats, bags of garbage bags

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2013 summer
  • Style: wool hat / knit hat
  • Size: Please check details Oh!
  • Cap style: high top
  • Hat style: no eaves
  • Main material: cotton
  • Population: General
  • Brand: K. V. P
  • Style details: letters
  • (Knitted cap + baseball cap) 2-3 top big blessing bag (knit cap + baseball cap) 4-5 top super bag (knitted cap) 1 small bag 2 (scarf) + Baseball cap + scarf)
  • Article No .: 20110919-1

Small blessing bags: knitted hat (color, style, random send)

Small blessing bag 2: scarf (Color, style, random send)
Zhongfu bag: knit cap + baseball cap (Color, style, random send)

Tai Fook bags: knitted cap + baseball cap a total of 4-5 (Color style, random send)

Super bag: Taifook + scarf one (Color, style, random send)

Of course, there are many types of 'junk', which may be a baseball cap, a fashionable knit cap, or a hat that is not necessary for taking pictures, and you may not be wrong to say that we have to sell a bag of garbage. , It could be!!!!; You may also receive a packet of real garbage, if you compare the back of luck. The rules of the game: You do not ask me what is inside. I do not kill you. In short, we sell, you buy, is definitely a surprise

This event is limited to friends like this game, and the restaurant has nothing to do with the goods, please do not compare, such as with 10 yuan to 200 yuan hat psychological friends please Piaoyuan.

The first sales record and part of the evaluation

The reason why life is wonderful, Because life is full of bizarre variables ~ ~ ~

And here, to provide you with this variable is to bring the expectations and color ~ ~ ~

Even the disappointment, but also an emotional ~ ~ ~

So, this is just a game ~ ~ ~

There are some other shops learned from the small idea, Oh ~ ~ ~

Shopkeeper I will store some of the goods include: stagnation

Selling products, and even never been on the shelves of the product

{Baseball cap, knitted hat, children's hat}, Packaged in parcels for sale.

Both can help us to ease the pressure of inventory ~ ~ ~

But also to the computer before you bring a surprise ~ ~ ~

I think it is a very good idea!

Shopkeeper I promise:

You receive the product warranty is the primary, non - return of other customers products;

Even if it is really rubbish, will be a new garbage; products are not necessarily expensive

Heavy, but it will be very pleasantly surprised; every bag of garbage, (Winter knit cap, summer baseball cap will have) ,

It may be more pieces, but also to meet your more curiosity!