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Fisherman hat man outdoor summer sun hat hat pot hat woman sports sun hat big along sunscreen fishing hat

Fisherman hat man outdoor summer sun hat hat pot hat woman sports sun hat big along sunscreen fishing hat
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2017 autumn and winter
  • Applicable scene: Travel
  • Suitable for: middle-aged teenage couple young people
  • Style: basin hat / fisherman hat
  • Size: M (56-58cm)
  • Cap Style: Dome
  • Hat style: big eaves
  • Eaves shape: the edge of the ear
  • Main material: cotton polyester
  • Population: General
  • Brand: Rou Er ya Sophie
  • style: Casual
  • Style details: light body
  • Color Classification: Khaki blue blue brown gray brown black military color dark gray digital grid 1 color digital grid 2 color digital grid 3 color digital grid 4 color camouflage 1 color camouflage 2 color camouflage 3 color camouflage 4 Colored Grid Military Grid Gray Grid Black Grid Brown Grid Khaki B Grid Black B Mesh Brown B Grid Gray
  • Item No .: A-M739
  • Applicable season: Summer
  • For ages: 15-19 years of age 20-24 years of age 25-29 years of age 30-34 years of age 35-39 years of age 7-14 years of age 40-59 years of age more than 60 years of age

Brand: Sophie Ya

Size: 56-58CM cap circumference (both men and women regardless of age)

Product Features: Casual shade for outdoor ventilation

Pro: Please note that STO STO

Hat head circumference measurement method:

About hat cleaning methods:

Clean the inside of the hat with the head part of the contact is to use a clean cloth with water, and then add a little cleaner or sprayer ,Home to the kind of plastic watering the container ,Can adjust the size of the kind of water mist ,The detergent or soapy water spray on the average Headband Above .Whether it is sprayed with water or cloth dipped in detergent after ,Began in the Headband Wipe back and forth above ,You should be able to see the initial cleaning effect .After wiping ,Take a small amount of water or a clean cloth to wipe perspiration .If not clean enough ,The above-mentioned steps are repeated ,Until you feel clean.
As for the hat body part :Hat if you get dust or pet hair cut and so on ,Wide-faced tape can be used ,Folded in the finger stick up stick ,The surface dust can be removed .If it is stained with perspiration ,It is more trouble .To use the washing hat rack .The principle of washing hat rack is ,Forced hat is not deformed .That is washed with water after ,Hold the shelf fixed hat) .The official website after cleaning the hat with water ,Set on the shelf or other dry or set in the container can be fixed on top of the hat .simply say ,Is not allowed to dry after it stood on the right.