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'5' Shen Yan | Cotton Handkerchief | Embroidered Cotton Handkerchief Lady Vintage Handkerchief |

'5' Shen Yan | Cotton Handkerchief | Embroidered Cotton Handkerchief Lady Vintage Handkerchief |
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  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Brand: God Yan
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: no
  • Item No .: SY14T671
  • Color: basket: blue flower basket: pink flower: red rose: pink rose: blue daffodil: purple daffodil: pink daffodil: blue plum: purple plum: pink plum: blue daisy: pink daisy: blue daisy: purple dandelion: Purple Dandelion: Blue Dandelion: Pink Lily: Blue Lily: Pink Lily: Purple Peony: Red Peony: Blue Pure White

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Shanghai Minghui factory handkerchief direct

Ingredients: 60 cotton combs

Specifications: 30cm * 30cm or so

Process: import mechanism woven imitation silk finishing

Appearance: delicate style embroidery pattern '

Feel: soft and smooth

Quality: People's Republic of China Ministry of Textile standards

Environmental protection: GB 18401-2010 Class B (direct contact with the skin) Authoritative testing test report

It is normal for the handkerchief to be wrinkled after washing Pro-iron can be used in the iron, sprinkle perfume in the more perfect, dark Handkerchief first cleaning may have faded, to separate the water temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees, Shop handkerchiefs are the owner of the film will inevitably be beautiful and beautiful handsome guy understand!

express delivery:default Post and Yuantong Express made random , If you need other courier Please contact customer service make up the difference, you can help pro-hair other home delivery (note invalid)

Packing: transparent plastic bags

Q: How do you have the color of the handkerchief on this picture?

A: The color of the handkerchief is the same because the owner of the camera level is limited, there are reasons for the light contrast, caused the handkerchief looks different colors.

Notice: sixty combed cotton, thin, thick, please buy a towel, do not go to evaluation that thin, handkerchief is fine cotton fabric, ask you, you know what to buy, thank you! Handkerchief on both sides are artificial sewing, will be slightly uneven perfectionist careful order! Slightly uneven is not quality! Thank you!

Thin: thinner

Handkerchiefs are cotton, handkerchiefs are basically thin section of the general twill and jacquard handkerchief slightly thick points are very thin.