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New kite wheel | large bearing mute kite wheel | hand wheel | kite wheel line | flywheel

New kite wheel | large bearing mute kite wheel | hand wheel | kite wheel line | flywheel
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 winter
  • Brand: colorful birds
  • Color classification: 16 blue round 100 meters line - wrapped 20 white round 200 meters line - wrapped 20 gold round +200 line - wrapped 22 gold round +400 line - wrapped 26 gold round +700 line - wrapped 20 Blue wheel +200 line - wrapped line 22 blue wheel +400 line - wrapped line 26 blue wheel +700 line - wrapped 20 crystal green +200 line - wrapped 22 crystal green +400 line - wrapped 26 crystal green +700 line - wrapped line 22 golden yellow round 400 line - wrapped 22 gold yellow color round +400 line - wrapped 22 red color round +400 line - wrapped 22 green color round +400 line - wrapped 22 purple color round + 400 lines - wrapped wire 22 powder round double +400 line - wrapped 22 pairs of white round 400 lines - wrapped 26 pairs of white round 700 round line - wrapped 28 large white wheel 1000 meters three strands - wrapped line line board 100 Noodle
  • Item: WL007

Buy before reading: blue grip wheel is a promotional section, suitable for children to fly a small kite use, cost-effective! Grip wheel material for ordinary plastic for small winds flying! Such as the quality requirements of relatively high pro who recommend the purchase of white or color grip wheel, ABS engineering plastic depth drop, very durable!

In order to save everyone valuable time (usually their own need to wrap about 1-2 hours or so, but also bear the risk of scrapping after the line!) We organize all employees, day and night overtime for the pro to provide high-quality wrapped service, Section of the classic round line package we have all the lines wrapped around the wheel, and can fly! We promise: premium service, sales price unchanged!

ABS bearing grip wheel full size, full model
Shandong Weifang

22cm white bearing grip wheel and 500 m 2 strand tire line suitable for relaxation of 1.8 meters below the small kite 22cm white bearing grip wheel and 400 meters 3 tire lines suitable for relaxation between 1.8-2.2 m medium-sized kite If the kite is large, It is recommended to choose a larger wheel line to put.

Taiwan ABS super engineering plastics; six reinforced small bearings
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Shop reviews:

solid Wrestling ; Easy to benefit; suitable for medium-sized kite; relative to the blue wheel (ps) is concerned, the heat is not easy to deformation; longer life; (ps) suitable for small children kite;

White wheel (abs) with Blue wheel (ps) The difference:

ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene),It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical performance. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties such as light yellow granule or opaque resin.

PS plastic (polystyrene), Material properties: electrical insulation (especially high-frequency insulation) excellent, colorless and transparent, light transmission after the plexiglass, coloring water resistance, chemical stability is good.Strength in general, but crisp, easy to produce stress embrittlement , Not resistant to benzene