Eagle Rock Outdoor seamless magic scarf men and women riding masks anti-wind collars fly towel

Eagle Rock Outdoor seamless magic scarf men and women riding masks anti-wind collars fly towel

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Agleroc / Eagle Rock
  • Item: 6925
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 24
  • To apply a gender: unisex
  • Color Category: A section B section C section D paragraph paragraph E section red logo
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Beach bike cross country skiing mountain climbing tour
  • Time to market: 2013 summer
  • Size: 43 * 24cm

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Variety Wizard: Usage eighteen kinds scarf devil

The so-called multi-functional scarf, the soul is three words: Multi - function - The following can be carefully selected out of the 18 kinds of scarf devil usage, note that this is not 'Do not imitate the stunts,' Oh, but everyone! can achieve super-parody, as long as your hands with a scarf!

Let 'head' start to see what kind of scarf can conjure magic in our bodies to ......

1. turban most primitive practices, set in the head can be. Hanging back part can also tie a knot.
2. You can also like a turban as head of Islamic women letting up, the feeling of mystery.
3. skullcap turn over the scarf, jacket and bang on the ear at the more part straighten, rotate a few times, open, his head wrapped in double layer skullcap made, the landlord Lao Cai it quite like winter very warm Oh
4. headband scarf folded double, set in the head, pulled her hair out of it. The width of the headband can be adjusted.
5. Tousheng circle around her hair with a scarf tied up, so long ponytail will this oh.
6. Fold pirate hat, pulls out, it seems that after some complicated operations, and Pirates of the Caribbean as you handsome.
7. Windshield whole face with a scarf wrapped from head to reveal only one eye, breathable and wind and sand, desert, windy days or resort with very effective.
8. helmet liner when riding or rock climbing, wear a helmet and Tanghan feeling can be bad, tie the scarf on the head as inner liner, all the troubles are solved.
9. goggles unless you alone in the world, regardless of distance to travel otherwise, always in groups of three, two people share a standard room is the most common thing. If you're used to going to bed early, but also embarrassed to claim an absolute night owl roommate turn off the lights. tied her scarf around the eyes, it became a temporary goggles also come in great handy
10. scarf around their necks, and you're done. Looks cool, snow also filling not come friends. Beautiful ice-free people.
11. On the basis of the mask on the collar, the scarf can be pulled under the eyes, ears wrap, and warm ah.
12. wrist twice to three times around the wrist, then serves as a buffer scarf wrist and then the effect, especially no room for second hand when the hand wrapped around the wrist scarf smartly in the face the rub, sweat all been sucked run.
13. wristbands like personalized play hotties note, this is a way to attract attention is like oh. Will represent their own personality scarf wrapped around the arm, full sense of style, and does not affect the movement.
14. Bra Needless to say this matter, the body good MM can use it as a vest to wear, very flexible pattern of bright, very 'SEX', of course, I want to wear funny boys will 'laughed fruit' full.
15. waist pain caused by sudden exposure to cold old waist, jacket with a scarf around the waist to keep warm is a good expedient, can also be based on the degree of filling them warm socks ah filler paper towels. This law also applies to easy each catch cold joints.
16. skirt this law it is expedient, poor health Convicted again. But some people are using two sets of upper and lower scarf used as a swimsuit, it seems the effect also can be oh.
17. The gloves supplies for walking in muddy or dense mountains, often need hands and feet of climbing palms old dirty or intimate contact with the insects are not very good taste. The scarf wrist pulled down around the palm of your hand in a circle, after a perfect wrap, dry and comfortable feeling very good blanket.
18. A packaged plastic bags filled with enough time to knot a scarf, a nice cloth bag came out, and the retractable pocket, you can fill plug crazy things Oh. Wanglimian stuffed clothes, the other end tie, is also a very good pillow, oh.