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Ying - yan outdoor magic seamless riding men and women hooded scarf

Ying - yan outdoor magic seamless riding men and women hooded scarf
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Agleroc / Eagle Rock
  • Item No
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 24
  • Applicable sex: Male and female general
  • Color classification: A paragraph B paragraph C subsection D paragraph E paragraph red logo section
  • Sports outdoor projects: beach bike climbing mountain climbing skiing
  • Time to market: 2013 summer
  • Size: 43 * 24cm

2 包邮 Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai! A limited number!

Variety Wizard: Turban 18 kinds of devil usage

The following is carefully selected out of the 18 kinds of scarf devil usage, note that this is not a 'stunts do not imitate' Oh, but each person is the most important thing, Can achieve the super mimicry, as long as you have a scarf in the hands!

Let's start with the 'head' and see how the magic of the hood can change in our bodies ...

1. Turban the most primitive approach, set in the head can be. The back part of the hanging can also make a knot.
2. package scarf You can also like the Islamic women, like the hair wrapped up, feel mysterious.
3. Guapi cap to turn over the headscarf, set in the ears and Qimei Department, the more part of the straightening, rotating a few laps, open, wrapped in the head. Double-melon cap made, quite like the landlord Lao Cai it. Very warm oh
4 headband The scarf folded into double, set in the head, pull out the hair on it. The width of the headband can be adjusted.
5 head rope with a headband around the hair to tie up, as long as the bar will be ponytail this, oh.
6. pirate hat folding, pulls out, it seems that some complicated operation, you will be as handsome and the Pirates of the Caribbean.
7. Windshield with a scarf from head to face all wrapped up only exposed eyes, breathable and block the wind and sand, desert, windy days or snow are very effective.
8. helmet lined riding or climbing when wearing helmets and sweaty feeling can be bad, the head scarf tied to the lining, all the troubles are solved.
9. Goggles Unless you alone the world, or travel regardless of distance is always in small groups, two people share a standard room is the most common thing.If you used to go to bed early, but also embarrassed to ask the night owl roommate Turn the lights around, put the hood around the eyes, became a temporary goggles also come in handy
10. collar set in the neck, you're done. Looks cool, snow does not come into irrigation friends.
11. Mask on the basis of the collar, the headscarf to pull the eyes below it, the ears are wrapped, and warm ah.
12. wrist to its three laps around the wrist on the three laps, scarves then play a buffer and then wrist effect.Especially Teng not the second hand when the wrist wrapped around the head scarf chic in the face On a rub, sweat were all running away.
13. wristband like to play the personality of the handsome beauty attention, and this is to attract the eye is like a way Oh. Will represent their own personality scarf wrapped around the arm, full of modeling, but also does not affect the movement.
14. Tee this Needless to say, the good MM can take it as a vest to wear, full of bright elastic patterns, very 'SEX', of course, want to put on the funny boys will 'laugh fruit' full.
15. waist suddenly caused by the cold waist pain, with a scarf in the waist warmth is also a good emergency measures, but also can be based on the degree of warmth inside the stuffed socks ah paper towels and the like filler.This method is also suitable for easy Cold joints of the joints.
16. short skirt This method is an emergency approach, bad body who do not try, but some people use two sets of headscarves were used as swimsuit up and down, it seems that the effect can also be oh.
17. Gloves for supplies Walking in the muddy or lush mountain, often need to use the hands and feet to climb.Palaceous old dirty or intimate contact with the insects are not very good taste.The wrist on the towel down around the palm of a hand, After the perfect package to live, dry and comfortable feeling very good blanket.
18 bags of plastic bags is not enough time to put a head scarf to make a knot, a good cloth pocket on the out, and this pocket retractable, you can stuff stuff inside the stuffed Oh.To inside stuffed clothes, the other end Knot, but also a very good pillow Oh.